The Kardashians estate from the inside, which would be the envy of the royal family

23 Jun 2023

Being a White House Resident

The color scheme of Kim Kardashian West's new house, which was a birthday gift from her husband Kanye West, is the item that stands out as being the oddest. It can seem like a dubious option to have the house decorated in pure white given that they have young children who will make a mess while expressing their creativity. Seriously, are they concealing anything from would-be burglars, or was the house decorated to resemble a "minimalist monastery," as Kim claimed? Kim provided a tour of her new house, however there is hardly any furniture or other goods, such as the children's toys.

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Minimalism or paranoia: Which is it?

Everyone is aware that the Kardashians were robbed recently. One could not help but note the lack of everything as Kim displayed her newest addition to the homes held by the wealthy family. Seriously, are they concealing anything from would-be burglars, or was the house decorated to resemble a "minimalist monastery," as Kim claimed? Kim provided a tour of her new house, however there is hardly any furniture or other goods, such as the children's toys.

Minimalism or paranoia_ Which is it.jpg?format=webp@Inside Kim Kardashian's Home Filled With Wonderful Objects | Vogue/Vogue/

Music box by Louis Vuitton

It's no joke having 10 grandchildren, and Kris Jenner knows how to indulge each and every one of them. We have this Louis Vuitton music box that Kris purchased for Chicago, her granddaughter, which is unnecessary yet endearing. Kim displayed the present in a story on Instagram. A spinning figurine of a young girl can be seen on the box, which plays "Rock-A-Bye-Baby." We're unsure if the $3,350 price tag on the music box ensures that the infant snoozes through the night.

Music box by Louis Vuitton.jpg?format=webp@Louis Vuitton UNBOXING Mooncake Festival 2020 Gift Vivienne Music Box #luxurypl38/Luxury pl38/

Furniture with a Kylie Cosmetics theme

Following the success of her cosmetics line, Kylie went on to make a fortune by designing custom furniture that was based on her Kylie Cosmetics line. We guarantee we are not criticizing, but we're not sure if this is completely useless or really inventive. She had pink leather chairs in her dining area that matched the hues of her lipstick kits. A contemporary bronze side table in her living room that has a melted effect resembles the drip pattern on Kylie's lip kit box.

Furniture with a Kylie Cosmetics theme.jpg?format=webp@Inside Kylie Jenner's Many Million Dollar Mansions/TheThings Celebrity/

Machine for Champagne

Imagine visiting Kylie Cosmetics and walking away with a bottle of champagne if you thought branded furniture and specialty candy were extravagant. Well, you can now, thanks to the champagne vending machine bearing the Kylie Cosmetics logo! Although Kylie has never utilized the device, others have delighted in Kylie's office's totally cool but utterly pointless draw. Do you believe the champagne bottle includes free champagne glasses? We certainly hope so!

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Bentley convertible for children

Although she frequently faces criticism for it, Khloe is open about her passion for spoiling her daughter True. Before True could even walk, she gave her a pink baby Bentley convertible, starting a tradition among the Kardashian/Jenner cousins who, in all honesty, could start a car business if they decided to work together. True looked gorgeous in the sparkly automobile, which was a cute first ride.

Bentley convertible for children.jpg?format=webp@Khloé Kardashian Fires Back At Criticism Of True's Baby Bentley | Access/ Access Hollywood/

Mansion with six bedrooms

Kylie, the youngest Kardashian-Jenner, bought her second property at the age of just 18. Beautiful Cape Cod-style house with six bedrooms and a price tag of $6 million; the young billionaire has five unused bedrooms. Kylie moved into the same Hidden Hills area as her mother in order to be closer to her. Kylie had previously owned a property in Calabasas. The mansion has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a wine cellar, a pool, and of course, a gigantic walk-in closet.

Mansion with six bedrooms.jpg?format=webp@Moving Trucks Spotted At Kylie Jenner's New $12 Million Cape Cod-Style Mansion In Hidden Hills/X17onlineVideo/

Donut jars

Given that Khloe has a large collection of hand-stacked two-gallon glass cookie jars in her kitchen, it is difficult to overlook scenes that were filmed there. This seems a little needless given how infrequently she consumes the sweets, but Khloe won't give them up because they are an essential component of her kitchen display. She refers to her obsession with evenly spaced cookies as "KHLO-C-D." In a video she even uploaded on her website, she demonstrated how to stack cookies, a skill momager Kris has now adopted. Khloe made sure her mother was held accountable for copying her move, claiming, “I taught her everything she know.”

Donut jars.jpg?format=webp@KHLO-C-D: Cookie Jars/ Khloe Kardashian/

Fridge with Swarovski crystals

It turns out that Kim had owned a refrigerator and freezer set covered in Swarovski crystals, however this item is long gone. Fortunately for her (and for us), her taste has gotten a little simpler over the years. She didn't only decorate her fridge; everything was covered in rhinestones. Kim allegedly covered her phone with so many rhinestones that it wouldn't fit in the Range Rover's charging port.

Fridge with Swarovski crystals.jpg?format=webp@Kim Kardashian’s Refrigerator Is INSANE -- Tour Her Kitchen!/ Entertainment Tonight/

The Candy-Colored Car Collection of Kylie

Despite having fewer than ten years of driving experience, Kylie Jenner has amassed an impressive collection of high-end automobiles. The beauty entrepreneur and social media sensation has more than six luxurious cars, several of which have been customized. Jenner has vehicles in a range of candy-like hues, including baby pink and candy red. Jenner states that she relies on her daughter Stormi to assist her choose which automobile to drive in the morning because she has so many options.

The Candy-Colored Car Collection of Kylie.jpg?format=webp@Kylie Jenner's Car Collection Is Worth More Than A Private Island/ TheThings Celebrity/

Fitness Closet

In Khloe Kardashian's house, an entire room is dedicated to sportswear and footwear known as the Fitness Closet. Here, you can find various workout attire from various brands. Neatly arranged on the shelves are sneakers in different colors. Khloe loves this room and takes pride in it.

Fitness Closet.jpg?format=webp@[FULL VIDEO] Khloe Kardashian | Sneakers Collection + Fitness Closet & Jeans Organization | KHLO-C-D/King Kylie/

Toilets plated with gold

Kimye spent around $2 million on extensive renovations before selling their Bel Air house. They made a sound decision as a newlywed couple, redesigning their entire estate after being inspired by a trip to Versailles. Kim and Kayne blew up a significant portion of their cash on four gold-plated toilets in the manner of Louis XIV, in addition to the gym, glam room, basketball court, and movie theater. After remodeling their property, they decided against staying there and instead bought and moved into a house in Hidden Hills.

Toilets plated with gold.jpg?format=webp@Kim Kardashian West's GOLD PLATED Toilets/Luxury Madness/

Wax statue in life-size

Most individuals decorate their homes with candles or houseplants. Kris Jenner raised the bar for interior design. The mother had a life-sized, hyper-realistic wax figure made of herself, but rather than displaying it in a museum like other celebrity wax figures, she uses it as decor. In awe of how precise it is, Kim posted the life-size model to Instagram and told her followers that "this is her exact hairline." This is so wonderful and creepy, I can't even begin to describe it.

Wax statue in life-size.jpg?format=webp@parishilton2/

A machine for frozen yogurt

You probably reach for some fruit or a bag of pretzels when you wake up in the middle of the night and are in the need for a midnight snack, aren't you? Okay, let's hear it for Kim's favorite snack: frozen yogurt. The businesswoman has a huge frozen yogurt machine, bigger than most people's refrigerators, with a professional appearance. She has an abundance of matching glass jars, Lazy Susans, glittering sprinkles, and other toppings for frozen yogurt in her pantry.

A machine for frozen yogurt.jpg?format=webp@Kim Kardashian Gives a Tour of her Fridge and Kitchen/Kylie Jenner Snapchats Songs/

Handbag Room Custom

Kylie Jenner reportedly has 400 expensive bags, so she had to modify one of her home's bedrooms to make room for them. 400, you read that correctly. Mirrored walls and custom white shelving extend from floor to ceiling in the space. She has a wide variety of Louis Vuitton bags as well as antique Dior saddle bags, Supreme, and lipstick-shaped Judith Leiber clutches in her collection. Since Kris also has a bespoke wardrobe just for Birkin Bags, her favorite row is the one with those bags. Daughter is just like her mommy.

Handbag Room Custom.jpg?format=webp@Kylie Jenner: My Purse Closet Tour/Kylie Jenner/

North's Coat of Fur

It should come as no surprise that North West has been nicely dressed since the day she was born because she is the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Because we don't think the Kardashian family is big on hand-me-downs, one of her more expensive pieces—which she outgrew quickly—may have been a little unneeded. Real fur was used to make North's notorious coat, which is unneeded in and of itself.

North's Coat of Fur.jpg?format=webp@Kim Kardashian Proudly Shows Off North West's 'Swag' in a $3,500 Fur Coat/Entertainment Tonight/

The Shoe Collection of Stormi

Purchasing a shoe collection seems a little needless, especially for a newborn whose feet are still developing. But as the youngest billionaire in the world, you want the best for your daughter. Stormi has a sizable shoe collection, which Kylie proudly displayed. A pair of shoes for every occasion, including some vintage kicks from her rapper father Travis Scott, are in the two-year-old's collection. Kylie takes great delight in having a well-dressed child, and we have no doubt that Stormi's sense of fashion will develop with time!

The Shoe Collection of Stormi.jpg?format=webp@Inside Stormi Webster’s Expensive Wardrobe/TheThings Celebrity/

Table of books and periodicals 

It's no secret that the Kardashian/Jenner family enjoys sharing their triumphs (as well as their humiliations). On television, in publications, on social media, and everywhere else. They enjoy magazine covers among other things. Every single Kardashian/Jenner magazine cover is spread out on a table. We think it's a little pointless, especially considering how frequently they appear on magazine covers. We ponder whether tabloid magazine covers also ended up on this table.

Table of books and periodicals .jpg?format=webp@Inside Kris Jenner's Hidden Hills Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest/Architectural Digest/


Know that there is duty involved if you ever have the honor of being invited to Kris Jenner's opulent home. Anyone entering the famous momager's house must sign a stack of non-disclosure agreements that are on a table in the entryway. Expect no secrets to be revealed; a tiny sign reading "What we say here, what we see here, let it stay here when we leave here" is perched above the papers.


Flowers made with cash

As one might anticipate, Kylie Jenner's cosmetics company, Kylie's Cosmetics, has a beautiful headquarters. Her entire office is fantastic. She has nailed her look to the letter. She gave one of the most pointless gifts one could give when she invited her followers inside her office. In essence, Kylie shows off a vase of flowers fashioned out of cash that fashion designer Alexander Wang gave her.

Flowers made with cash.jpg?format=webp@Official Kylie Jenner Office Tour/Kylie Jenner/

A Flower Wall

Kim Kardashian loves her flowers, especially flower walls, as her social media followers are aware. In numerous advertisements for her fragrances, magazine spreads, and even her tragic wedding to Kanye West, the reality star has included flower walls. Before their relationship soured, West gave her a Mother's Day gift of a big wall of white flowers. A mix of roses, peonies, and hydrangeas made up the floral wall, which was thought to have cost more than $10,000.

A Flower Wall.jpg?format=webp@Kim Kardashian Stages #ImpromptuPhotoShoot in Front of Flowers - The Buzz/SheKnows/

A book of selfies

Kim is known for her love of selfies; in fact, she published a photo book featuring them in 2015. Kim's selfies are included in the book, along with other photos that she has taken over the years. In her book Selfish, Kim made reference to her long history of self-portraiture, saying, "I took my first selfie in 1984, and that opens the book." The 445-page book of selfies received favorable reviews from the critics, despite the fact that it might appear a little needless.

A book of selfies.jpg?format=webp@Kim Kardashian’s Selfie Book: In Development Since She was a Child/b/60/

Flower’s Tradition 

The Kardashians adore flowers. They always have fresh bouquets in their homes. Moreover, the family has a tradition of not just giving bouquets for the birth of children but enormous compositions made of live flowers in the form of letters that spell out the names of the newborn family members.

Flower’s Tradition .jpg?format=webp@25 Things Kylie Jenner Spends Her Millions On/TheThings Celebrity/

Room for Wigs

It's no secret that Kylie Jenner enjoys changing her hairstyle to suit the situation. She loves her mannequins and her hair extensions so much that she has an entire room devoted to them. She gave her supporters a sneak peek inside the room, referring to it as "her favorite room in her house." "My green one that I wore for Sugar Factory... almost got snatched off my head," she admitted as she flaunted the wig she wore to the Video Music Awards.

Room for Wigs.jpg?format=webp@[FULL VIDEO] Kylie Jenner | Glam Room Tour | How I Organize My Makeup Collection + Wigs [2015]/King Kylie/

Toilet paper in black

One of Kris' bathrooms was lined with black marble, she disclosed in a 2015 interview with The New York Times. Sounds legal, doesn't it? When her black marble matches her black toilet paper, things take an interesting turn. In 2006, the product gained notoriety and was featured on the family's reality television program. Kim was heard grumbling about the toilet paper on a 2013 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, saying, "I like to see what... I'm cleaning.

Toilet paper in black.jpg?format=webp@nothochiminh/

Large Bears

For the Kardashian family, it seems like "bigger is better"—from opulent houses to boundary-pushing fashion. It seems that this extreme attitude extends to the stuffed animals they choose. The Kardashians have a love for life-sized teddy bears, as evidenced by many social media images, including Kylie Jenner cuddling up with a chair-sized bear and Kourtney Kardashian's beary unique Christmas décor. It's not surprising that these reality show stars wouldn't be content with a simple teddy bear given their opulent lifestyle.

Large Bears.jpg?format=webp@Kylie Jenner: Christmas Decorations 2020/Kylie Jenner/

Range Rover black

Khloe needs speed, just as her sisters do. Okay, so it might not be "speed" per technically, but she sure does enjoy driving. Daughter Khloe, who had her Range Rover wrapped in black velvet by West Coast Customs, inherited Kris' love with the color black. We are compelled to wonder what transpires when it rains. Maybe this is a summer-only vehicle? How is a velvet automobile cleaned? We have a ton of inquiries.

Range Rover black.jpg?format=webp@Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Her New Black Velvet West Coast Customs Range Rover In Beverly Hills, CA/The Hollywood Fix/

Rocking horse covered in Swarovski crystals

Kids can use a rocking horse, which costs an average of $50. The version worn by Kim Kardashian is life-size and covered in 82,000 Swarovski crystals. The crystals were manually inserted into the hand-built horse. In case you require a little more storage space, the rocking horse features a locked compartment in its belly. Naturally, each horse is identified with a number so that everyone knows they are owning an original.

Rocking horse covered in Swarovski crystals.jpg?format=webp@Fernandes Exquisite Creations Present - "Crystal" - The worlds first Swarovski rocking horse/Fernandes Exquisite Creations/

Vertigo silver-plated ice tongs

If not, let us to help you recall the absurd relationship Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries had. Kim filed for divorce after only 72 days of marriage, but hey, at least they received the expensive wedding tongs that were on their wedding registry! Given that a bag of ice costs less than $2, we never imagined we would need or want Vertigo silver-plated ice tongs, which cost 260 dollars. Perhaps using tongs made of silver makes drinks taste better?

Vertigo silver-plated ice tongs.jpg?format=webp@[Best Ice Tongs of 2023/kitchenaidus/

Teddy Bear by Louis Vuitton

Leave it to the Kardashians to buy one of the priciest teddy bears ever. Kim splurged on many labels and diamond-encrusted toys for her little daughter to birth her third kid, Chicago. This unique Louis Vuitton teddy bear sported a Supreme t-shirt and was fashioned of high-quality denim. Naturally, the teddy bear bears the Louis Vuitton insignia, and despite the fact that one may expect a plush animal this pricey to be life-size, this one is just your standard size.

For instance, a black bear from the Fendi brand costs $700, and the vintage Louis Vuitton bear reaches a staggering $2000.

Teddy Bear by Louis Vuitton - Luxury Toy Collection .jpg?format=webp@Kylie Jenner's Teddy Bears for Her Son Cost How Much?! | E! News/E! News/ 

Child's Carriage

The Kardashian family's children even have their own carriage with illumination. Kylie Jenner and her husband gifted it to their little princess Stormi for Christmas. The carriage also has a nameplate with the girl's name. The child was pleasantly thrilled by such a luxurious gift, which is not surprising at all.

Child's Carriage.jpg?format=webp@20 Expensive Gifts Bought For The Kardashian Kids/TheThings Celebrity/

Vehicle Collection

Kylie Jenner can choose from a variety of modes of transportation when she needs to go. Even while it may appear needless to us, having so many cars makes sense for the youngest self-made billionaire in the world. The billionaire owns a sizable collection of high-end vehicles, which includes a Mercedes G-Wagon, a Range Rover that was specially built, and a Bentley Betayga. At least two Ferraris are said to be in Jenner's collection, one of which was given to her by her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott.

Vehicle Collection.jpg?format=webp@Kylie Jenner's Car Collection Is Worth More Than A Private Island/TheThings Celebrity/

The restroom there

Their bathroom is even more worrying about their new house than the lack of details and the whitewashed walls. This doesn't meet the requirements for a place that requires its privacy. There aren't any bowls, but Kim demonstrated its usefulness in a video she posted on Instagram in which she addressed some of the issues people had. One is left wondering about the complete purposes of this basin because the water flows down a slit that wasn't included in the tour images.

The restroom there.jpg?format=webp@Kim Kardashian's bathroom/YouTube Girl/

Although It Is a Faucet, How Do You Use It?

The puzzling basin design in this multi-million dollar home's bathroom is another unexpected feature. It features a flat top that, while it may seem nice, appears incredibly unpractical. There aren't any bowls, but Kim demonstrated its usefulness in a video she posted on Instagram in which she addressed some of the issues people had. One is left wondering about the complete purposes of this basin because the water flows down a slit that wasn't included in the tour images.

Although It Is a Faucet, How Do You Use It.jpg?format=webp@Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Luxury Disappearing Sink/ALL URBAN CENTRAL/

Designer Accessory

Kylie Jenner is not accustomed to denying herself anything. She always has the best of everything, and it's from famous brands. In particular, at her home, you can find a designer hip seat worth $625. This blend of luxury and motherhood showcases Kylie Jenner's ability to seamlessly integrate her personal style into every facet of fashion.

Designer Accessory.jpg?format=webp@25 Things Kylie Jenner Spends Her Millions On/TheThings Celebrity/

The Architectural Arch

The one thing that occurs to me after looking at the pictures and videos of the tour Kim led is, “Where are the doors?”. Because they had to live their whole lives in the public view, they could have come to realize that privacy is not as crucial as they formerly thought. The rest of the house is in doubt if the bathroom, which has no door as well, is. All of the chambers are accessible only through arches. It undoubtedly redefines architecture, but what about the usefulness of having doors?

The Architectural Arch.jpg?format=webp@Inside Kim Kardashian's Home Filled With Wonderful Objects | Vogue/Vogue/

The Meaning of Couch Potatoes Has Changed

Even if this pricey house already seems strange, the dining room's furnishings are downright bizarre. Instead of having a classic family dining room feel, it has more of a restaurant concept. A sofa piece is positioned on one side of the dining table. Even while it seems cozy, it appears that they interpreted the phrase "TV dinner" a little too literally. Who will clean up all the spills when there are four kids seated at the dining table?

The Meaning of Couch Potatoes Has Changed.jpg?format=webp@Inside Kim Kardashian's Home Filled With Wonderful Objects | Vogue/Vogue/

Fendi fashion

Kylie doesn't hesitate to spend money to look like a luxurious mom. She ordered a signature dress and a baby stroller from the renowned brand Fendi. The cost of such luxury set the star back $12,500. When you have the kind of wealth Kylie does, you can afford not only this but much more. 

Fendi fashion.jpg?format=webp@25 Things Kylie Jenner Spends Her Millions On/TheThings Celebrity/

One kitchen is for use, and the other is for display

Kim has two kitchens in her new house. Yes, the main kitchen of the house is one, however it is now unoccupied. Kim has a second, concealed kitchen where a committed crew makes the family's meals. Money can certainly be used to purchase numerous luxuries, but if your kitchen is already functional, what's the point of having one for show? Although there isn't a clear purpose for it, it might be utilized to amuse visitors.

One kitchen is for use, and the other is for display.jpg?format=webp@An Inside Look at Kim Kardashian’s Epic Kitchen/Inside Edition/

Cabinets Packed With Treats

A family of ladies that are well-known for their curvy figures and opulent lifestyles. So it may seem strange that several of the Kardashian women had cookie jars and cupboards full with sweets. It may be mostly for their children, but as a parent, you should still restrict your child's sugar intake. The way that all the goodies are just stacked like they are in an exhibit is what I find most bizarre about these pantries. Nothing is out of place in the least.

Cabinets Packed With Treats.jpg?format=webp@Kim Kardashian Gives a Tour of her Fridge and Kitchen/Kylie Jenner Snapchats Songs/

Pricey Coops

Fans were taken aback when Kylie Jenner revealed this avian addition to her $36 million property because the Kardashian family isn't known for their farming prowess. As her new pet chickens relaxed in their opulent coop, Jenner introduced her large following to them. Not only do they offer a consistent supply of eggs, but many people also opt to keep chickens as pets because they think they make intriguing and caring companions.

Pricey Coops.jpg?format=webp@Kylie Jenner | Hens | 2 | July 26 |/Kardashian Generation/

Will of Kim

It should come as no surprise that Kim devotes a lot of time to her hair, makeup, and nails. She values her "glam" so highly that it is written into her will as a condition that it always be carried out to the letter. Kim claimed in an interview with Elle that she anticipates being camera-ready after death, even if she is so disoriented that she is unable to speak. She said, "I want to look as nice as I can.


Christmas decorations that are strange

The "less is more" philosophy has been used by Kim Kardashian to decorate for the holidays ever since she gave her house a minimalist makeover. Fans were confused by the celebrity's odd choice of holiday decorations, which drove up internet traffic. Fans compared the structures to cotton balls and feminine hygiene products despite Kim's attempts to explain that they were inspired by Dr. Seuss tales.

Christmas decorations that are strange .jpg?format=webp@Kim Kardashian Puzzles Fans With 'Whimsical' Monochromatic Christmas Decorations/Access Hollywood/

Kylie Uno

The card game Uno is well-liked by players of all ages. We believe that this pink deck is equally as wonderful as the traditional red, yellow, blue, and green deck, even though most card game enthusiasts are used to those colors. As part of her 23rd birthday celebration, Kylie Jenner made this unique Uno deck. Fans scrambled to get their hands on copies of the pastel-colored cards after Jenner posted the image on her social media accounts.

Kylie Uno.jpg?format=webp@Soft🤍 #kyliejenner #kylie #youtubeshorts #short #fyp #edit #uno/Kyliebaby./

Gold Suommo Pacifier

Although it may seem like we're making a joke, we're not. This is a really useless item that they use to advertise their wealth. Kim purchased gold pacifiers covered with diamonds, which is the way to go when you want to flaunt how much money you have to spend. Given that babies lose pacifiers more often than anything else, we think this is a bit of an exaggeration.

Gold Suommo Pacifier.jpg?format=webp@Dodo Dummy Diamond & Pure Gold/Suommo/

Collection of candles

Without a doubt, we adore candles, but not nearly as much as Khloe. Candles appear to be positioned in every nook and cranny of her house, along with fresh flowers. Khloe has a huge candle budget, which we think is a little needless. She isn't purchasing basic candles like we do. If you're feeling opulent, pick up a candle—Voluspa Grande Maison Candle in French Bourbon Vanille is one of her favorites—and you'll be one step closer to becoming a Kardashian-Jenner.

Collection of candles.jpg?format=webp@Khloe Kardashian new house tour/funtime space/

Car in Chrome

The Kardashians' love of all things shiny seems to rub off on people simply by being around them. Scott Disick, a reality television personality and the father of Kourtney Kardashian's children, has acquired the Kardashians' taste for extravagant vehicles by purchasing a custom-made Audi R8 with chrome paint and unique wheels. Kim Kardashian was photographed behind the wheel of the opulent car since she reportedly loved it so much.

Car in Chrome.jpg?format=webp@Kourtney Kardashian Lifestyle | Net Worth, Fortune, Car Collection, Mansion./ALL ABOUT/

Unique Candy

Although it would appear that the family's non-essential possessions are all large and striking, we're glad to dispel that impression. Sometimes, the less necessary a detail is, the smaller it is. Little bowls of pink Starbursts and M&Ms with Kylie's face-printed on them may be found at her office. The Starbursts were the only pink accents since Kylie said that she didn't want the workspace to be very pink.

Unique Candy.jpg?format=webp@Official Kylie Jenner Office Tour/Kylie Jenner/

Super playroom!

Kim intended to build the ideal designer baby room, spending an additional $40,000 to include a storage ottoman, bassinette, bookcase, velvet chair, and chandelier. And that only includes the furniture. Millions of dollars were spent on toys, outfits, shoes, and jewelry for a baby who will never know the difference between a fancy crib and a regular old crib.

Super playroom.jpg?format=webp@Kim Kardashian Gives a Tour of her Kids' Playroom in her House/Kylie Jenner Snapchats Songs/

Bearbricks Collection

Kylie's child has a complete collection of Bearbricks. The cost of one such toy varies from $100 to $400. An ordinary person is unlikely to afford gathering such cute but not inexpensive Bearbricks.

Bearbricks Collection.jpg?format=webp@25 Things Kylie Jenner Spends Her Millions On/TheThings Celebrity/