These 45+ Air Passengers Turned the Neighbors' Trip Into a Nightmare

12 Apr 2024

People expect comfort and speed from air travel. However, some passengers enjoy ruining the journey for others with their uncultured behavior. They allow themselves to walk around in their underwear, throw their legs over another passenger's head, and leave a pile of trash behind. Flip through our article and you'll see these disgraceful passengers with your own eyes.

This man became overly relaxed

In order to shorten the flight time and make it easier to endure, you can simply relax and take a nap. These are perfectly normal things to do. However, it's important to consider not only your own comfort but also the comfort of others flying nearby. However, this man decided not to worry about such 'trifles'.

1. This man became overly relaxed.jpg?format=webp@passengershaming/

He brazenly sprawled across two seats. Moreover, he decided that this wasn't enough and unbuttoned his pants, displaying his underwear. We think the latter was already too much. He was perfectly fine with it, while other passengers of this plane were not pleased at all.

When he forgot he wasn't at home

At home, you can do whatever you want - completely relax and just be yourself. But in public places, there are certain rules that need to be followed. In particular, taking off your pants and walking around in your underwear on a plane, where many other passengers are present, is not a good idea.

2. When he forgot he wasn't at home.jpg?format=webp@spidermonkey2947/

This passenger disregarded this simple rule and ended up in front of the camera. Now he's an internet sensation. Whether he learned any lessons after such popularity is unknown. We suggest becoming internet stars for other reasons.

The lady lost her important accessory

People lose all sorts of things on board airplanes: books, phones, keys, but this finding is very specific. A lady lost her bra. It's intriguing how it happened. Perhaps she was carrying it in her bag and it somehow slipped out when she was inspecting her belongings.

3. The lady lost her important accessory.jpg?format=webp@QGSkieur/

Perhaps she even changed clothes on the plane and forgot to put on her underwear? This finding sparks many interesting theories. However, we may never learn the truth about the true appearance of this bra. Although it would be very intriguing.

A man reluctantly placed his phone on a stranger's leg, as if on a shelf

A passenger online complained about an arrogant seatmate on the plane. According to him, the person decided to put his phone on his leg to rummage through his bag. He didn't even ask if he could do so. When the man asked his neighbor about the reason for these actions, he simply ignored the question.

4. A man reluctantly placed his phone on a stranger's leg, as if on a shelf.jpg?format=webp@False_Concentrate408/

But the man didn't get flustered and approached the situation with humor. He took a photo of the phone on his leg to share the amusing moment on social media. It's fascinating how many interesting and not-so-well-mannered people you can encounter while traveling. Life loves to bring strangers together and create weird situations involving them.

Passengers who protect themselves from all infections

During the time of COVID, the world was hit not only by a pandemic but also by total fear of the possibility of getting infected. Some people decided to stay at home and minimize going out. And some simply protected themselves to the maximum. During one of his flights, a passenger captured this interesting couple.

5. Passengers who protect themselves from all infections.jpg?format=webp@anthnyshark/

They were wearing special suits and masks, which they believed would protect them from any external infection. And they sat throughout the entire flight in this attire. I wonder if they didn't feel hot flying like that? But what wouldn't you do to reassure yourself in such difficult times.

The girl decided to take a break from her hair

No matter how beautiful one's hair may be, it's not worth causing discomfort to other passengers. However, this girl decided that it wouldn't bother anyone and threw her ponytail back over the seat. However, it wasn't very pleasant for other passengers, and they also needed their own space. But the lady didn't take this into account.

6. The girl decided to take a break from her hair.jpg?format=webp@LolaBijou/

Despite subtle hints and polite gestures from those affected, she remained unperturbed, seemingly absorbed in her own world. It was a reminder that consideration for others should always accompany personal comfort, especially in shared spaces like airplanes.

When airplane neighbors forget to respect each other's personal space

For each passenger on the plane, there is a separate seat assigned where they have the right to be accommodated. If there is a need for more space, there is always the possibility to purchase an additional seat in advance. But some passengers are not concerned about this.

7. When airplane neighbors forget to respect each other's personal space.jpg?format=webp@uhshavaughn/

The girl in the middle was not lucky at all. She was squeezed by two neighbors on both sides who decided to put their legs in her seating area. Throughout the flight, the girl had to fight for her space and remind the men that they had their own seats.

Will my leg bother you?

Stretching your legs during a long flight is everyone's dream. It can be done, however, it's important not to cross the line and not to create an uncomfortable situation for someone else. The man whose leg is stretched out in the photo onto the front seat of other passengers didn't think about others' boundaries.

8. Will my leg bother you.jpg?format=webp@Goodguybadd/

He acted solely in his own interests in this situation. So, he didn't even consider that it might be unpleasant for someone to see his legs almost under their nose or that they might just get in the way of other people. The world won't be comfortable for everyone when people only think about themselves and don't adhere to basic principles.

Passenger who enjoys strolling around the airplane in their underwear

It seems like the saga of men's underwear in the airplane cabin continues. Passengers on another flight have already spotted a gentleman who forgot about etiquette and decided to walk around the plane without pants. Of course, he might be okay with it, but such a spectacle is unlikely to be appreciated by other passengers.

9. Passenger who enjoys strolling around the airplane in their underwear.jpg?format=webp@Lizzie_Thompson/

It seems like airlines might need to put up a sign in the cabins reminding passengers that wearing only underwear during the flight is prohibited, otherwise, there will be fines and a bad reputation on social media. Perhaps, at least, such a reminder will stop some proponents of casual clothing in public places.

After me, even a flood

It is important to handle not only our belongings but also others’ with care. This enthusiast of ample legroom simply disregarded this rule. He stretched out his legs, resting them on the neighboring table in the plane. Under the additional weight, not intended for such manipulation, he could damage or even break it.

10. After me, even a flood.jpg?format=webp@Worst things airplane passengers have ever done - photos shame them for everything from wandering feet to public indecency/

But oh well, this passenger definitely didn't think about it, as he's "lightweight," and if the table does break, they'll repair it. That's how this selfish man thought. Don't follow his example because someday you might encounter a broken table or chair yourself.

Tired or audacious, the passenger lay down on the floor

You see all sorts of things on airplanes and encounter all kinds of people, as I often do. This man decided not to rush to leave the aircraft because he really wanted to get some sleep. However, for some reason, he chose not the seat, but the floor. Perhaps he just wanted to test the attentiveness of the staff or to remain unnoticed and thus hide away.

11. Tired or audacious, the passenger who lay down on the floor.jpg?format=webp@And that's why you don't miss flying! Hilarious social media photos capture VERY inconsiderate plane passengers - including one who brought an uncaged parrot on board/

Or maybe he was simply too exhausted to care about social norms and found the floor surprisingly comfortable. Whatever his reasons, it certainly added an unexpected twist to the typical airplane experience. This flight, both he and the airplane staff will remember for a long time.

When luck completely runs out with your flight neighbor

A dismayed airplane passenger snapped a photo of his neighbor's dirty feet resting on the armrest of his seat. It was not a pleasant sight. Such behavior is unacceptable, as one should consider other people as well, not just oneself, when in a public place.

12. When luck completely runs out with your flight neighbor.jpg?format=webp@And that's why you don't miss flying! Hilarious social media photos capture VERY inconsiderate plane passengers - including one who brought an uncaged parrot on board/

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of basic etiquette and respect for other's personal space, especially in confined environments like airplanes. Hopefully, it prompts more consideration and mindfulness among passengers in the future.

This passenger is in the process of drying out his shoes

It's highly probable that the individual who captured this image had to endure an unpleasant-smelling flight due to the person depicted in the photo. The passenger decided to air out their sweaty footwear, adding an additional unpleasant smell to the cabin. 

13. This passenger is in the process of drying out his shoes.jpg?format=webp@Passenger Shaming/

Despite being notified, they didn't react, so this character was decided to be showcased on the internet. So to speak - an eye for an eye. The photo of the passenger and their malodorous shoes quickly garnered attention online, sparking a debate about proper airplane etiquette. Many condemned the passenger's lack of consideration for fellow travelers.

Were there people or pigs flying on the airplane?

The staff and other passengers were in shock when they saw the amount of trash and dirt left behind by these individuals. It immediately creates the impression that they don't clean up after themselves at home either and simply throw trash on the floor. What else can you call such behavior other than a display of disrespect on the airplane?

14. Were there people or pigs flying on the airplane.jpg?format=webp@dirty airplane seats/

Furthermore, it's very unpleasant to sit in such a dirty environment oneself. It's much simpler to immediately gather up unnecessary items into bags to dispose of later. But it seems these conclusions apply to the heroes of our topic. For them, trash under their feet is a very ordinary thing.

This lady decided to dry her swimsuit on the airplane

How do you think, what are these hooks on the back of the seats for? They're a convenient spot to hang your coat rather than crushing it in the overhead compartment or uncomfortably behind you. They are not intended for misuse, as the woman here did with her bikini.

15. This lady decided to dry her swimsuit on the airplane.jpg?format=webp@Passenger Shaming/

Most importantly, we hope that the man sitting next to her is a boyfriend, husband, or another family member not just an unwitting victim forced to gaze at her intimate garments for several hours on this flight. Otherwise, it was already too much.

Riot on the plane or just extremely messy individuals?

It's hard to believe, but the picture doesn't lie. In this airplane, passengers gathered who were worthy of each other. They left behind a mountain of trash, scattered across the floor and seats. All this horror had to be cleaned up by the staff.

16. Riot on the plane or just extremely messy individuals.jpg?format=webp@OnDisasters/

It's astonishing to think that people would leave such a mess behind them, especially in a shared space like an airplane where cleanliness and consideration for others should be paramount. The sheer disrespect shown by these individuals is truly disheartening. It not only creates extra work for the airline staff but also ruins the travel experience for everyone else onboard.

The person who turned the aisle into a dumping ground for trash

This image portrays a deeply unsettling scenario where a passenger has turned the aisle into their garbage disposal. It's truly disheartening to witness such disregard for cleanliness and respect for shared spaces. One can't help but wonder about the conditions of their home, as behavior like this suggests a lack of consideration for basic cleanliness and orderliness.

17. The person who turned the aisle into a dumping ground for trash.jpg?format=webp@Airline passenger roasted after photo of rude behavior goes viral - TomoNews/TomoNews US/

It's alarming to think that someone would treat a public space with such blatant disregard, leaving behind a mess for others to deal with. One can only hope that incidents like these prompt greater awareness and responsibility among travelers to uphold cleanliness and courtesy in shared spaces like airplanes.

Strange passenger, who raises many questions

The scene depicted in this airplane photo is undeniably puzzling, leaving us with a plethora of unanswered questions. Why did this man choose to unbutton his shirt in such a manner? And what's the reasoning behind the bag covering his head and eyes? 

18. Strange passenger, who raises many questions.jpg?format=webp    @Passenger Shaming/

Perhaps there's a practical reason behind the unbuttoned shirt, like seeking relief from the warmth of the cabin. As for the makeshift eye mask, it could be an attempt to block out light and create a more comfortable environment for rest. Regardless of the explanations, the enigmatic nature of this scene is bound to linger in our thoughts long after the flight has ended.

The girl lifted her legs above the head of another passenger

Brazenness is bliss, people say. This lady decided not to be embarrassed and stretched her legs onto the back of her neighbor's seat, who was seated in front of her. Perhaps she wasn't taught good manners in her childhood and wasn't told that such behavior is inappropriate.

19. The girl lifted her legs above the head of another passenger.jpg?format=webp@Passenger Shaming/

However, there are limits to everything. Therefore, in such a situation, it's always worth addressing the other person. If that doesn't help, then call for the assistance of flight attendants. They are there to help deal with rude passengers and remind them of how to behave during the flight.

An Unexpected Passenger in the Airplane Cabin

Airplanes accommodate various passengers, but more often than not, they are still humans, even if they may not always behave admirably. However, this time, the seatmate for the flight was a living turkey. A very unexpected companion indeed. The presence of a live turkey as a passenger was undoubtedly a surprising and unusual sight for everyone onboard.

20. An Unexpected Passenger in the Airplane Cabin.jpg?format=webp@And that's why you don't miss flying! Hilarious social media photos capture VERY inconsiderate plane passengers - including one who brought an uncaged parrot on board/

It's not every day that you find yourself sharing the confined space of an airplane with such an unexpected travel companion. The reactions of the other passengers and the flight crew must have ranged from confusion to amusement to perhaps a bit of concern. This unexpected twist likely made for a memorable and unique flight experience for all involved.

Hello, this is my leg, nice to meet you

Midway through his flight, a man suddenly spotted someone else's bare foot resting on the armrest of his seat. Was he shocked? That would be an understatement. But before asking the person to remove their foot, the man took a photo of this brazen act.

21. Hello, this is my leg, nice to meet you.jpg?format=webp@Worst things airplane passengers have ever done - photos shame them for everything from wandering feet to public indecency/

With disbelief and discomfort, he snapped a photo of the intrusive foot intruding into his personal space. It was as if the unwelcome foot had become a symbol of the lack of respect some passengers had for others. Taking a deep breath, he resolved to politely address the situation and reclaim his personal space.

Gymnasts entered the chat

During a long flight, it can be sad and difficult and we understand it. Some read books, some watch movies or listen to music or sleep. But it turns out there are those who find even more interesting ways to entertain themselves or pass the time.

22. Gymnasts entered the chat.jpg?format=webp@passengershaming/

This girl and boy went further - they decided to engage in gymnastics exercises and improve their skills. The method, of course, is original, but is it safe to do it on the plane? It's better to find another way to endure the flight, even if it's long.

The girl decided to improve her physical fitness on the plane.

It seems this lady confused the plane with a gym and decided to work out. However, she overlooked one important thing - the airplane cabin is not suitable for this type of activity. Moreover, exercising here can lead to injuries. Although it seems that for this lady, sport is still the most important thing.

23. The girl decided to improve her physical fitness on the plane.jpg?format=webp@Lizzie_Thompson/

It's better to leave any kind of sports for specially designated areas: it's safer and more convenient. We believe that during the flight, the girl wouldn't have lost her shape if she had just taken a nap or read in her seat. And perhaps this passenger thinks differently, so despite everything, she decided to exercise here and now.

Shoes are not the main thing on the plane

Of course, it can get hot on the plane, and there is a desire to take off your shoes. But not everyone enjoys the smell of sweaty feet. Perhaps it's just better to bring a spare pair of shoes and not create discomfort for others. But it seems that not everyone is willing to consider such steps.

24. Shoes are not the main thing on the plane.jpg?format=webp@Responsible-Ad-2181/

Continuing to wear shoes might seem like a small gesture, but it can make a big difference in ensuring a comfortable and pleasant environment for everyone on board. It's a simple act of consideration that can go a long way in making the flight more enjoyable for all passengers.

When you've found a way to deter other passengers

It's as if the passenger wielding the Chucky doll has unlocked the ultimate hack for ensuring personal space on a flight. The eerie presence of the doll creates an invisible barrier that deters even the boldest travelers from taking the adjacent seats.

25. When you've found a way to deter other passengers.jpg?format=webp@Passenger Shaming/

After all, who would willingly subject themselves to the unsettling aura emanating from a doll infamous for its sinister reputation? In the realm of in-flight strategies, this one certainly takes the cake for its effectiveness in warding off unwanted seatmates.

The lady decided that her hair would brighten up the flight for other people

You'd be surprised by how many people believe it's okay to drape their ponytails over the screens of their fellow passengers. The woman shown here is, naturally, blocking the view of the passenger behind her, who could otherwise enjoy the complimentary TV and movies on the airplane.

26. The lady decided that her hair would brighten up the flight for other people.jpg?format=webp@Air travel hell: Rude ponytail-haired passenger goes viral in Twitter pic - TomoNews/TomoNews US/

But beyond that, there's the risk of her hair falling into their food or drink, potentially ruining another complimentary aspect of the flight experience. This behavior simply isn't acceptable. But does it even bother the woman even a little bit? Doubtful, otherwise she wouldn't do it.

This passenger is playing Blackjack using his foot

Imagine sitting in your seat on a plane, innocently glancing over at the screen in front of you, only to find someone's foot casually tapping away at a game of Blackjack. It's the kind of bizarre sight that leaves you questioning whether you're awake or if you've stumbled into some surreal dream.

27. This passenger is playing Blackjack using his foot.jpg?format=webp@Passenger Shaming/

And while you might chuckle at the absurdity of it all, there's a sobering reality to consider: the hygiene implications. Who knows where that foot has been or what it's touched before landing on that screen? So, the next time you reach for the in-flight entertainment, maybe give the screen a quick wipe-down first.

Neither conscience, nor love for cleanliness, nor respect for others

Complete disorder - disposable slippers, wrappers, newspapers - all simply underfoot. Careless and untidy passengers left all this behind, calmly got up after the plane landed, and left. Was it really so difficult to clean up after themselves?

28. Neither conscience, nor love for cleanliness, nor respect for others.jpg?format=webp@passengershaming/

Sometimes it seems that it would be right to put such people on special lists. If they were to buy tickets for the next flight, then in their place it would be worth arranging such a garbage dump. This would give them the opportunity to feel all the consequences of their behavior.

Whose feet do we have here?

People arrived at their seats and what did they see? They were greeted by an unpleasant surprise - someone else's feet were lying right on their seats. We've already understood that there are many enthusiasts like this, and they absolutely don't care about others' opinions. 

29. Whose feet do we have here.jpg?format=webp@The world's most inconsiderate travellers/

Such behavior should not be tolerated. Rudeness should be addressed immediately, otherwise, there will be consequences. After all, passengers pay for their seats and have the right to enjoy their flight without someone else's feet invading their personal space. It's a matter of basic courtesy and respect for others.

What was that?

One of the passengers captured a very interesting scene on his phone. A woman brought a huge inflatable figure resembling a male intimate organ on board the plane. It's unclear whether to laugh or cry about this. Firstly, such a figure is quite bulky and creates discomfort for others. Secondly, what was the necessity of bringing it into the cabin, and who allowed it in the first place?

30. What was that.jpg?format=webp@passengershaming/

For many passengers, this was undoubtedly an unexpected and non-standard situation. And perhaps there is a question about the acceptability of such "decorations" in a public place. At the same time, it also sparked laughter and curiosity among other passengers who probably didn't expect to see something like this during their flight.

Some decided to manipulate their footwear

What do you think this woman is doing? Perhaps in this way, she decided to air out her shoes on the plane. However, the ventilation system is unlikely to help, as it serves a different purpose. But the smell from the shoes in this way can spread more quickly throughout the cabin. What was she thinking? It's hard to say.

31. Some decided to manipulate their footwear.jpg?format=webp@biracial_lizard/

But one thing's for sure, her actions left everyone around her wondering. It's not every day you see someone treating a plane like their own personal airing room for shoes. Perhaps next time, she'll consider the comfort and well-being of her fellow passengers before deciding to air out her footwear in such a public setting.

Legs in the aisle - an option for the super bold

What won't people do for their own comfort? Sometimes, all it takes is audacity, and everything falls into place, just like with this passenger in the photo. The man didn't just put his leg on the neighboring seat; he extended it diagonally across. His actions created significant discomfort for others.

32. Legs in the aisle - an option for the super bold.jpg?format=webp@shichan1517/

Firstly, he inconvenienced the people sitting in the seats. After all, nobody would find it pleasant. Secondly, he blocked the entire aisle. Now, other passengers will have to constantly ask him to move his leg. To avoid awkward situations, it's better not to create them in the first place.

A case where laziness prevails

Getting up from your seat, taking your tray with the remnants of your meal, and disposing of it in the trash is not a difficult task. But judging from the photo, it's not for everyone. Some people would rather leave everything on the floor to inconvenience others and continue sitting. They fail to consider that someone might just walk by and stumble over it, scattering everything across the airplane cabin.

33. A case where laziness prevails.jpg?format=webp@speeddemon266/

These individuals seem to prioritize their own convenience over the comfort and safety of others. It's a stark display of disregard for basic etiquette and consideration for fellow passengers. It's a simple act of decency to clean up after oneself, but for some, even that seems to be too much to ask.

The girl tucked her feet almost near someone else's head

It's unclear which is worse - putting bare feet on someone else's seat or with shoes on. But both options are undoubtedly a bad idea. Who would enjoy seeing someone's feet near their head, especially in outdoor shoes? Indeed, both scenarios are far from ideal.

34. The girl tucked her feet almost near someone else's head.jpg?format=webp@Passenger Shaming/

Whether it's bare feet or shoes, placing them near someone else's head is undoubtedly unpleasant. The girl's behavior in this situation is quite unacceptable. It's essential to maintain a sense of respect and consideration for others, especially in shared spaces like airplanes.

The lengths people go to for their instruments! 

The photographer described an intriguing situation. The lady decided not to check her cello into the cargo hold and instead purchased a seat for it on the plane. The staff mentioned that such practice isn't supported on flights, but the woman wasn't bothered by their remarks. On one hand, she had a ticket, so technically the seat was taken. 

35. The lengths people go to for their instruments! .jpg?format=webp@And that's why you don't miss flying! Hilarious social media photos capture VERY inconsiderate plane passengers - including one who brought an uncaged parrot on board/

On the other hand, according to the rules, only one person should occupy a seat. Sometimes, passengers push the boundaries of what's acceptable in the pursuit of their comfort or convenience. In this case, it seems the woman was willing to challenge the norms to ensure her cello had a safe and comfortable journey.

Did he confuse the belts?

One passenger decided to buckle up during the flight but instead chose to unbuckle his belt and pants. If clothing is uncomfortable, it's better to wear something else for the journey to avoid discomfort. Because the idea of exposing oneself, even partially in such a way, is not the best, especially when there are other people around.

36. Did he confuse the belts.jpg?format=webp@passengershaming/

In a confined space like an airplane, it's important to maintain a certain level of decency and consideration for fellow passengers. So, while adjusting clothing for comfort is understandable, there are more appropriate ways to do so without causing discomfort or concern to others.

If a passenger is given a pen on a plane, anything can happen

Someone got their hands on a pen during the flight and decided not to waste any time. This passenger started actively doodling on the window next to which they were seated. Of course, it's very likely that this work of art belongs to a child. But even in this case, questions arise.

37. If a passenger is given a pen on a plane, anything can happen.jpg?format=webp@ooochaoboocha/

It's true that all complaints are now directed towards the parents of the child. After all, they should have been keeping an eye on their child and providing guidance. Instead, they should offer alternatives to their child, who usually feels sad and bored during the flight.

Someone made a mess with newspapers on the plane

This image depicts an unusual scene of the individual in this seat during their flight. (And one can only imagine the noise accompanying it.) Additionally, this could have been disruptive to other passengers, who could only speculate about what prompted their fellow traveler to engage in such behavior during the flight.

38. Someone made a mess with newspapers on the plane.jpg?format=webp@Passenger Shaming/

Whether they have a peculiar habit of crumpling up every page of the newspaper after reading or were seeking a cost-effective substitute for a blanket, leaving such a mess for the crew to tidy up is rather inconsiderate. Even if it was a means to calm oneself due to a fear of heights, there are still plenty of other modern methods available for this.

The parrot that accompanied the passengers on the plane

We've already written about the turkey that unexpectedly joined the flight with people. This time, another young woman brought her beloved parrot on board, which calmly sat on her arm. Naturally, this attracted the attention not only of the crew but also of other passengers. It's not every day that you see a bird in the airplane cabin.

39. The parrot that accompanied the passengers on the plane.jpg?format=webp@And that's why you don't miss flying! Hilarious social media photos capture VERY inconsiderate plane passengers - including one who brought an uncaged parrot on board/

This caused a mixture of reactions - from curiosity to astonishment. Some may have been delighted by the unexpected encounter with such an unusual passenger, while others may have felt the peculiarity of the situation. Nevertheless, it created an interesting atmosphere on board that probably stayed in the memory of everyone present.

Changing your plans isn't always a good thing

It seemed like this man had prepared well for his journey. He understood that it might get hot on the plane, and he would want to take his shoes off. But to avoid bothering others, he even brought disposable slippers. However, as it turned out, that didn't help.

40. Changing your plans isn't always a good thing.jpg?format=webp@Throwaway273489/

At one moment, something went wrong, and this man decided to abandon his initial plan. He took off his shoes and simply propped his feet up next to the display. With his feet resting on the display, he might have thought he was finding a comfortable solution, but for the passengers seated behind him, it was an unwelcome sight.

Indifferent parents - trouble on the plane

The author of the photo shared this picture and his story on the plane. According to him, a woman and her 2-year-old child sat next to him for 8 hours. The child repeatedly poked the man with cutlery from the onboard meal, spilled water on him, screamed and cried, jumping several times on their seat...

41. Indifferent parents - trouble on the plane.jpg?format=webp@NoWrongdoer6386/

However, the mother made no attempt to calm her child. Instead, she placed her child's trash on someone else's tray. And then simply threw it on the floor, demanding that the kind staff clean it up later. Of course, such a story leaves a bitter aftertaste. But fortunately, it's not fair to judge all families based on one. Everyone is different.

Feet right on the screen

The guy on the plane decided not to bother and immediately put his feet in his sneakers right on the screen embedded in the airplane seat. Not only can such actions damage the display, but it's also indecent and unhygienic. It's sad when this passenger behaves the same everywhere and doesn't draw any conclusions.

42. Feet right on the screen.jpg?format=webp@Sea_Voice_404/

Whether at home, as a guest, or in a public place, the main rule applies - just be human and think about the possible consequences of your actions. Buying a plane ticket doesn't give you the right to behave badly and disregard the rules. It's strange that this guy doesn't think about it.

Personal space, from the word "personal"

It's very unpleasant when strangers brazenly violate others' personal boundaries. The girl took a photo of how a guy decided to place his feet in such a way that partially occupied her seat on the plane. Such situations can cause discomfort and feelings of annoyance.

43. Personal space, from the word @Ele_phant909/

When a person seeks to maximize the use of space around them, disregarding the comfort of others, it violates basic etiquette rules. During our travels, personal space becomes even more important, as it's a time when we want to relax, unwind, and enjoy the moment. So, it's worth keeping that in mind.

This individual who elevated manspreading to an unprecedented level

Manspreading, the act of men spreading their legs excessively, encroaching upon others' space, is widely regarded as extremely disrespectful on any form of transportation. However, the individual captured in this image has elevated this behavior to an unprecedented degree, contorting his body to occupy an excessive amount of space. 

44. This individual who elevated manspreading to an unprecedented level.jpg?format=webp@Passenger Shaming/

This incident underscores the need for awareness and consideration in shared spaces. Whether it's on a plane, train, or bus, being mindful of others is essential for a harmonious travel experience. While it's natural to seek comfort during a journey, it should not come at the expense of others' comfort or personal space.

Is this a character from a horror movie?

During one of his flights, a passenger felt like someone was watching him. When he looked up, he was shocked to see something very unusual staring back at him, dressed in a black hoodie with a hood. The man stared for a long time and couldn't figure out what this character was.

45. Is this a character from a horror movie.jpg?format=webp@HeavyLoungin/

Most likely, it was some bizarre mask or inflatable toy covered with clothing. But when you don't know what it is, various thoughts come to mind. It would be good if owners of such unusual items didn't scare others with their strange hobbies.

The bright screen of the gadget disturbed people's sleep

On that 6-hour red-eye flight, this individual reading on their iPad with the brightness cranked up must have appeared like a glaring beacon amidst the dimly lit cabin. While reading is a commendable activity, the brightness level of their device probably disrupted the sleep of everyone nearby.

46. The bright screen of the gadget disturbed people's sleep.jpg?format=webp@boobymoon/

The gentle glow of a dim screen might have been more considerate to their fellow passengers, allowing them to rest during the flight.  It's essential to be mindful of others when using electronic devices in shared spaces, especially on overnight flights.

Love in the air knows no bounds

Many couples dream of experiencing love in unusual places. Some opt for beaches, train compartments, or, as these two passengers did, the semi-enclosed cabin of an aircraft. However, since these are public spaces, such displays may be unacceptable. After all, there is no privacy in the air, and other passengers may feel discomfort or be offended by such overt displays of intimacy.

47. Love in the air knows no bounds.jpg?format=webp@passengershaming/

Moreover, this behavior may violate airline regulations or attract unwanted attention from the crew. Despite the romantic atmosphere that can be created in such unconventional settings, it is important to remember mutual respect and maintain comfort for all passengers.

Dirty feet above your head, how does that sound?

If you ever consider putting your feet on someone else's seat, just imagine yourself in your neighbor's shoes. This photo is a perfect example of such an unpleasant situation. No one would want to be in the shoes of the person who ended up next to this woman, who was unlucky with her travel companion.

48. Dirty feet above your head, how does that sound.jpg?format=webp@passengershaming/

Traveling can already be stressful enough without having to deal with someone else's dirty feet hovering above your head. It's a reminder that even in public spaces like airplanes, where personal space is limited, it's important to be mindful of how our actions can impact those around us.

Good pedicure doesn't save from rudeness

Some passengers seem to put their feet everywhere: on seats, over people's heads, and this lady placed hers on the airplane window. Maybe she wanted to show off her fresh pedicure or simply got tired of wearing shoes? We can't say for sure.

49. Good pedicure doesn't save from rudeness.jpg?format=webp@passengershaming/

However, it's always worth considering that such actions can be unpleasant for those around us, who are also tired from traveling and just want to relax. Yet, they continue to behave decently and not be selfish. It's crucial to consider such matters.

The Guy with the Toothbrush

Brushing teeth and washing up is important, but it should be done in a designated area. If you're on board an airplane, the bathroom is suitable for this, but definitely not the seat you're sitting in. There are no proper conditions here, and there are other people around you.

50. The Guy with the Toothbrush.jpg?format=webp@And that's why you don't miss flying! Hilarious social media photos capture VERY inconsiderate plane passengers - including one who brought an uncaged parrot on board/

This guy decided that these rules didn't apply to him. Thanks to his stubbornness, he became a negative figure on the internet. Actions have consequences. And if you don't want to change, you'll have to learn from your mistakes.