The most current trends of the 90s that will make millennials cry

12 Jan 2024

We invite you to indulge in some nostalgia and reminisce about the hottest trends from the '90s! Cool outfits, funny hairstyles, and much more! Get ready to feel like you're in a time machine - it's going to be a fascinating journey!

Colored leggings

In the 90s, colorful leggings gained popularity as a fashion trend! The trend was driven by a desire for bold fashion choices and a break from the more subdued styles of previous decades. Neon colors were commonly seen on clothes, reflecting the energetic and eclectic spirit of the time.

Colored leggings.jpg?format=webp 

Colored leggings could be completely mismatched in color with the rest of the outfit, but it didn't particularly bother anyone! Of course, today a person with such a look might not appear very stylish.


Another 90s trend that is fun to look back on today! Headbands were worn by everyone - boys, girls, kids, and adults! This way, the look became even brighter, and with a headband, you could tame even the most unruly hair.


Moreover, it was a clever life hack for some to slightly conceal unwashed hair. That's how inventive it was!

Leather mini-skirt

And here is a super trend that is still in fashion today! The main thing is not to overdo it and not to wear a skirt that is too short, as everything should be in moderation. 

Leather mini-skirt.jpg?format=webp

The only difference is that in the 90s, leather mini-skirts could have studs, belts, or other accessories, while today's styles are more concise, emphasizing the beauty of the legs in the fall-winter season.

Plaid skirt

Well, young Britney Spears would definitely buy such a skirt for shooting another music video! And other fashionistas from the '90s surely had this spicy item in their wardrobe.

Plaid skirt.jpg?format=webp

It looked cute on schoolgirls, but on adult girls, it was already alluring. Therefore, in such clothing, girls could emphasize not only their sense of style but also their seductiveness.

Neck choker

An accessory like a neck choker was at the height of its popularity not only in the '90s but also a few years ago! 

Neck choker.jpg?format=webp

However, while modern trends favor minimalist chokers, such as thin leather ones, in the '90s, you could come across girls even wearing seashell chokers, as seen in the photo! Today, it's quite amusing to look at such fashion choices!

Flannel shirt

Many guys and girls are still rocking these '90s trend flannel shirts today. However, let's be honest - this trend has already gone out of style. 

Flannel shirt.jpg?format=webp

Flannel is suitable for pajamas and home clothing, but if you're heading out, it's better to choose a different outfit unless you're attending a '90s-themed party.

Maxi skirt

In the 1990s, maxi skirts experienced a surge in popularity as a fashionable choice among women. These skirts were characterized by their ankle-length hemlines and loose, flowing silhouettes. 

Maxi skirt.jpg?format=webp

A variety of styles emerged during this period, including bohemian-inspired skirts with floral or paisley patterns, denim maxi skirts that embraced casual, and more formal options made from silky or velvet fabrics.

Big hats

In those days, hats experienced a resurgence in popularity, and various styles of headwear became iconic during the decade. One notable trend was the bucket hat, a casual and laid-back option often made of cotton or denim.

Big hats.jpg?format=webp

Additionally, wide-brimmed hats were in vogue, with floppy and oversized designs that added a touch of bohemian flair to outfits.

Fringe was everywhere!

It was another hot trend of bygone times! Although some fashion-forward individuals still wear fringe-adorned items today, it's not as trendy. However, in the '90s, everything had fringe – jackets, pants, boots, and the list goes on! 

Fringe was everywhere!.jpg?format=webp

Fringed clothing from that era exudes a wild west vibe, and there's something intriguing about it!

High-waisted denim shorts

Another hot trend of the '90s that has become a timeless favorite for today's fashion enthusiasts. However, nowadays, there is a much wider variety of denim short styles available, allowing everyone to find the perfect fit for their body shape. 

High-waisted denim shorts.jpg?format=webp

In the '90s, though, the peak of popularity belonged to very short shorts with a high waist – a versatile choice that visually elongates the legs.

Jean jacket

Some popular styles included oversized denim jackets, often adorned with patches, embroidery, or distressed detailing. Acid-washed denim jackets, a trend from the '80s that carried over, remained popular in the early '90s.

Jean jacket.jpg?format=webp

The minimalist and sleek look also had its moment, with fitted and cropped denim jackets becoming a stylish choice for many.

Ruffles and frills

In the 1990s, romantic and cute styles were in vogue, and one prominent trend was the popularity of ruffles and frills. These charming details were not only worn by children but also by adult women.

Ruffles and frills.jpg?format=webp

Ruffles and frills adorned various pieces of clothing, including sweaters, blouses, skirts, and dresses. It was an era of total romance, where these intricate details added a touch of whimsy and femininity to fashion.

Tank top

It was fashionable to wear tank tops not only at home but also on the street! Tight-fitting vests, often made from stretchy materials, emphasized the figure and were a prevalent trend in the '90s. 

Tank top.jpg?format=webp

This style mirrored the fashion shift towards more form-fitting clothing. Also, tops with assorted graphic prints, featuring vibrant colors, abstract designs, or caricatures, were highly fashionable.

Feathers on clothes

Nowadays, clothes decorated with feathers are also popular, but in the 90s such things looked a little funny. Clothing embellished with feathers, including hats, scarves, or handbags, were on-trend. 

Feathers on clothes.jpg?format=webp

These accessories imparted a certain lightness and playfulness to the overall style. Feathered clothing in the 90s symbolized a creative and individualistic approach to fashion, reflecting a playful range of styles during that time.

Slim yellow sunglasses

Narrow sunglasses with yellow-tinted lenses were trendy! These sleek, small-framed sunglasses became synonymous with the fashion of the era. The narrow shape of the frames and the yellow tint added a touch of retro to the look, embodying the experimental style of the 90s. 

Slim yellow sunglasses.jpg?format=webp

Celebrities and fashion-forward individuals often sported these sunglasses, contributing to their widespread popularity and making them a distinctive accessory.

Hair hoops
A variety of hair accessories, including hair hoops, were popular. However, one distinctive trend was the use of wide and colorful plastic hair claws or clips. 

Hair hoops.jpg?format=webp

Hoops often came in vibrant hues and were adorned with patterns or metallic finishes, adding a trendy element to hairstyles. Today you can also wear such accessories - you will look like the heroine of the series Gossip Girl.

Monochromatic look

Wearing clothing of the same color is in fashion today, but stylish outfits now look different, not like in the photo. In the '90s, such a style was considered very fashionable! 

Monochromatic look.jpg?format=webp

A bright orange color, especially when combined with a pattern on a blouse, made you stand out! But time goes on, and fashion changes with it.

Neon everywhere!

In the 90s, the neon trend from the 80s transitioned into neon colors dominating everything – makeup, hair color, clothing, and even manicures! Some people looked like walking rainbows!

Neon everywhere!.jpg?format=webp

Of course, seeing people dressed in such a vibrant manner is a rare sight today, more commonly associated with subcultures like nonconformists. However, back in those times, many embraced the super bright look. Would you dare to go out in such a bold style?

Lace tights with patterns

Nowadays, lace tights are also popular, but the patterns look more laconic and not like in the photo. However, in those days fishnet tights were a bold and edgy choice that gained popularity, especially in alternative and grunge fashion circles. 

Lace tights with patterns.jpg?format=webp

They added an unconventional touch to various outfits. The brighter the pattern, the cooler the outfit was considered!

Bright accessories

In the 90s, it was fashionable to stand out from the crowd - and accessories that could be seen a mile away helped in this! Chunky chain necklaces were a popular accessory, often worn as a statement piece to add an edgy and grunge-inspired touch to outfits.

Bright accessories.jpg?format=webp

Also, vibrantly colored and oversized sunglasses were a staple accessory in the 90s. Whether in neon hues or unconventional shapes, these sunglasses were an iconic part of the fashion.

Flared jeans

Flared jeans were highly fashionable in the '90s and continue to be on trend to this day! So, let's recall what pairs best with them. Balance the volume of flared jeans with fitted tops. 

Flared jeans.jpg?format=webp

T-shirts, button-down shirts, or fitted sweaters can create a polished look. Pairing flared jeans with a crop top allows you to highlight the high-waisted style of the jeans while maintaining a trendy and balanced outfit.

Voluminous ponytail

The more volume in the hair, the better! That's what fashionistas believed in the '90s. Especially popular was the voluminous ponytail in the style of Brigitte Bardot! 

Voluminous ponytail.jpg?format=webp

This hairstyle can visually slim a round face and add a retro touch to your look. It's a perfect choice for a '90s-themed party!

Crop top

In the 1990s, crop tops were a fashionable staple! For a more feminine and edgy look, lace and sheer crop tops were in vogue. These delicate tops added a touch of romance to '90s fashion. Voluminous crop tops as in the photo were also in fashion. 

Crop top.jpg?format=webp

By the way, sporty crop tops, often featuring athletic-inspired designs or logos, were embraced as casual and comfortable options. They were commonly paired with high-waisted jeans or athletic shorts.

Blue eyeshadow

Now this kind of makeup looks funny, but in the 90s it was super trendy! By the way, not only blue eye shadow was in fashion, but also blue mascara! But what caused this trend? Many music videos and celebrities of that era prominently featured blue eyeshadow.

Blue eyeshadow.jpg?format=webp

This trend became associated with pop culture, contributing to its widespread adoption. Also, the '90s witnessed a shift towards makeup as a form of self-expression and experimentation.

Socks over tights

As you can see, the fashion of the '90s never ceases to amaze with its unusual style choices, some of which may appear amusing in modern times! Patterned knee-high socks were in vogue. Moreover, some fashion-forward women even wore them over colorful tights, which were also trendy. 

Socks over tights.jpg?format=webp

This way, they seamlessly combined two fashion trends. However, they say that everything is good in moderation, and sometimes, one fashion trend is already enough.

Leather jackets

Motorcycle-inspired leather jackets with a cropped fit, multiple zippers, and a rugged appearance were a staple of '90s fashion. These jackets exuded a tough and edgy vibe. 

Leather jackets.jpg?format=webp

Also, classic biker jackets with asymmetrical zippers, studs, and a rebellious edge were highly popular. These jackets were often associated with the grunge and alternative fashion movements.

Dark lipstick

In the 1990s, dark lipstick shades were very popular! Moreover, fashion-forward women also added smoky eyes to the mix – such was the trend. But now, let's return to the popular lipsticks of that time. Burgundy or wine-colored lipsticks were widely embraced. 

Dark lipstick.jpg?format=webp

These deep, rich hues added a touch of sophistication to makeup looks. Plum-colored lipsticks, ranging from deep purples to dark berry tones, were fashionable. These shades complemented the moody and eclectic fashion of that time.


Another bold trend of that time! The leopard print, with its edgy and rebellious connotations, resonated well with these fashion movements, becoming a staple in the wardrobes of those embracing a more chic style. 


It was incorporated into a wide range of clothing items, from jackets to dresses, adding a touch of individuality to fashion choices.

Denim overalls

Nowadays this wardrobe item is more associated with maternity clothes, but at that time it was worn by top fashionistas! Many girls paired denim overalls with simple t-shirts or crop tops. 

Denim overalls.jpg?format=webp

This casual combination was favored for its comfort and laid-back style. Striped or graphic tees were often layered under denim overalls, contributing to a playful and youthful vibe.

Denim pinafore

Today children can be seen in such clothes, and even then very rarely, but in those days it was an integral attribute of many fashionistas! Simple, plain t-shirts were often paired with denim pinafores for a casual style. The simplicity of the t-shirt complemented the laid-back nature of the pinafore.

Denim pinafore.jpg?format=webp

Some individuals opted for a more feminine touch by pairing denim pinafores with striped or floral blouses. This added a touch of elegance to the overall look.

String bag

Now let's recall the bag that many people used in the '90s, not just for groceries but for various purposes! Nowadays, you can still occasionally come across such a bag, even in the collections of fashion designers, but they are not particularly in demand.

String bag.jpg?format=webp

Not many people want the contents of their bags to be visible. Moreover, an outfit with such a bag may look slightly casual.

Polka dot

In the 1990s, the polka dot print gained popularity on clothing! Polka dots are inherently associated with a feminine and playful vibe. The '90s embraced styles that were both chic and fun, making the polka dot print a fitting choice for various garments.

Polka dot.jpg?format=webp

Polka dots are versatile and can be incorporated into a range of clothing items, from dresses to blouses. This adaptability allowed individuals to express their personal style while embracing a trend.

Corrugated hair

Today, such a hairstyle is synonymous with tastelessness for many; however, in the '90s, the corrugated hair was super trendy! It was worn with both loose and tied-up hair. 

Corrugated hair.jpg?format=webp

This styling not only imparted an uneven texture to the hair but also provided super volume. Even today, some hairstylists use corrugation to create root volume, which is then concealed under the rest of the hair.


In the 1990s, berets were a popular fashion accessory! Traditional wool berets, often in solid colors like black, red, or navy blue, were commonly worn. These classic berets added a touch of sophistication to various outfits.


Leather berets became a trendy alternative, contributing to a more edgy and rebellious look. They were often embraced by those who favored alternative fashion.

Sequined garments 

In that time sequined garments were popular, adding a touch of glamour and sparkle to various fashion choices. Shimmering sequin tops, often in bold and vibrant colors, were a statement piece in the '90s. These tops were worn for both casual and dressy occasions, bringing a touch of glamour to everyday wear.

Sequined garments.jpg?format=webp

Sequin dresses became a go-to choice for parties and special events. Whether in mini, midi, or maxi lengths, these dresses featured intricate sequin patterns that caught the light and created a dazzling effect.


This hairstyle became a real trend in the 90s - both boys and girls wore them. Today, some people also risk trying a similar hairstyle. Why do we say "risk"? Because caring for dreadlocks is actually very difficult!


Dreadlocks can easily accumulate residue from hair products, environmental pollutants, and natural oils. This buildup may contribute to an unpleasant odor and affect the overall cleanliness of the hair.


A stylish and seductive item of clothing for fashionistas both in the 90s and today! The '90s saw a trend of incorporating innerwear as outerwear, blurring the lines between lingerie and everyday fashion. Bralettes, being more delicate and aesthetically pleasing than traditional bras, became a key element in this shift.


The era embraced a sense of empowerment and self-expression, and the choice to showcase lingerie in outfits was a reflection of individual style and confidence.

Wedge heel

Today you won’t surprise anyone with wedge shoes, but in the 90s it was very fashionable! Platform sandals with chunky soles and elevated heels were popular for both casual and more dressed-up occasions. These sandals often featured straps in various styles.

Wedge heel.jpg?format=webp

By the way, the Spice Girls, a popular girl group in the '90s, had a significant impact on fashion trends. Their iconic platform shoes, ranging from sneakers to heeled boots, influenced many to embrace the elevated footwear trend.

Floral print

The '90s witnessed a revival of interest in vintage fashion, and floral prints, reminiscent of earlier decades, became a symbol of nostalgia. The print exuded a sense of romanticism and classic femininity.

Floral print.jpg?format=webp

Princess Diana, a global style icon during the '90s, played a significant role in popularizing floral prints. Her preference for floral dresses contributed to the trend's widespread adoption. Diana's fashion choices were often perceived as elegant and sophisticated, and her affinity for floral patterns influenced fashion trends of the time.

Low-rise jeans

Another hot trend of the '90s, although today it might be considered vulgar! Back then, many girls were convinced that the lower the jeans, the cooler they looked! Especially if a part of their underwear or a tattoo was visible.

Low-rise jeans.jpg?format=webp
@Top 10 90s Fashion Fails/

Many celebrities also embraced this unconventional trend, further popularizing it. Today, seeing a girl in jeans like this is very rare!

Excessive revealing clothing

Popular music performers and icons of the '90s actively promoted more revealing outfits on stage and in their daily lives. Their influence contributed to the popularization of the trend towards exposure.

Excessive revealing clothing.jpg?format=webp@Top 10 90s Fashion Fails/

Expanded access to mass media, including television and magazines, allowed young people to easily perceive and emulate celebrity images where revealing attire often garnered attention.

Translucent clothing

In the 1990s, the popularity of semi-transparent clothing, as famously worn by Britney Spears, was growing fast! The '90s marked a shift towards embracing body positivity and self-expression. Semi-transparent clothing allowed individuals to showcase their bodies in a confident and liberated manner, challenging traditional norms.

Translucent clothing.jpg?format=webp@Top 10 90s Fashion Fails/

There was a cultural rebellion against conservative fashion norms, and semi-transparent garments became a symbol of breaking free from traditional constraints.

Oversized suits

The fashion movement of the '90s played a significant role in popularizing oversized clothing. Bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam embraced a laid-back, disheveled look, and oversized suits became a part aesthetic.

Oversized suits.jpg?format=webp@Top 10 90s Fashion Fails/

The '90s saw a blurring of gender norms in fashion. Oversized suits, with their unisex appeal, contributed to androgynous styling. Both men and women embraced the trend, challenging traditional notions of gender-specific clothing.

Too bright makeup

The main trend of the '90s - the brighter, the better! Of course, this applied to makeup as well. In the photo - typical makeup of fashionistas from the '90s. Bright, shimmering eyeshadows, dark lip liner extending beyond the lip contour, thin eyebrows, and bold eyeliner!

Too bright makeup.jpg?format=webp@IF BEAUTY YOUTUBERS EXISTED IN 1999/ Jaime French/

Surely, a girl with such makeup would be impossible to overlook! However, in our time, this makeup is definitely not in trend anymore.


The pompadour hairstyle, popularized in the '90s, was characterized by its distinctive voluminous and swept-back look. This iconic hairstyle featured short sides and back with longer hair on top, styled upward and back away from the face. 

Pompadour .jpg?format=webp@100 Years of Extreme Hairstyles | Vanity Fair/ Vanity Fair/

The pompadour often involved using styling products to achieve height and hold, creating a bold and retro-inspired appearance.


This iconic style embraced the beauty of natural curls and showcased a bold hairdo. The afro became a symbol of cultural pride and self-expression, reflecting the influence of the Afrocentric movement during that time. To achieve the afro look, individuals with curly or coily hair would grow their hair out into a rounded shape. 

Afro.jpg?format=webp@100 Years of Extreme Hairstyles | Vanity Fair/ Vanity Fair/

The style emphasized embracing and celebrating the natural texture of one's hair, departing from traditional straightened styles. This hairstyle promoted self-acceptance and celebrating the afro beauty.

Hair metal

Hair metal hairstyles of the '90s were a distinctive and flamboyant trend associated with the glam metal music style. These hairstyles included long, teased hair with significant volume, often achieved through backcombing or the use of hair spray. 

Hair metal.jpg?format=webp@100 Years of Extreme Hairstyles | Vanity Fair/ Vanity Fair/

The goal was to create a glamorous and attention-grabbing look that complemented the flashy and theatrical stage presence of hair metal bands and their fans.

High hair top

A funny hairstyle popular in the '90s that looks like a square placed on the head! Naturally, for such a hairstyle, having sufficient hair length and plenty of styling products is crucial. It's scary to even imagine how much hair spray was used to create such a hairstyle for a guy. But there is a positive side - if you don't wash your hair, this hairstyle will hold forever, ha-ha!

High hair top.jpg?format=webp@100 Years of Extreme Hairstyles | Vanity Fair/ Vanity Fair/

The pot haircut

Of course, children's fashion in the '90s was sometimes peculiar and amusing. What was considered stylish back then now only brings laughter! For example, the pot haircut. 

The pot haircut.jpg?format=webp@Hilarious Childhood Hairstyles From The ’80s And ’90s That Should Never Come Back🌟Funny Pictures/Star Channel/

You can confidently sport it even today, especially if you want to create a quirky look for some occasion. Back then, many kids and even adults rocked this style! The upside was that it made hairstyling a breeze - every trend has its perks!

Funny hairstyle

Another amusing hairstyle originating from the '90s! It was so popular and beloved by many that it even remained a trend into the 2000s! It looks cute, playful, and... funny! But kids absolutely loved it! 

Funny hairstyle.jpg?format=webp@Hilarious Childhood Hairstyles From The ’80s And ’90s That Should Never Come Back🌟Funny Pictures/Star Channel/

Making it was simple - create two braids and then loop them into donut shapes, as shown in the photo. For extra flair, some even added volume and lifted the bangs upward using hairspray. Oh, the trends!