Hilarity Ensues Athletes Caught in Bizarre Situations by Cameras

17 Jun 2024

The world of sports is cruel and merciless. But looking at these pictures, you would never know it. We've put together an interesting photo collection of the funniest situations from the lives of athletes.

1. It's Like the First Date

A pair of figure skaters are struck by the emotion of their partner. The photographer captured a very emotional moment that makes you laugh out loud. The skater is looking at his partner's neckline in a funny way as if he is seeing the girl for the first time. Perhaps it was an idea, perhaps an accident.

1. It's Like the First Date.jpg?format=webp@AFP/x.com

But the photographer definitely amused the audience with this shot. This moment reminded us once again that the true beauty of figure skating is not only in the technique and skill of the skaters but also in those small bright moments that make the dance sincere. 

2. Not what He expected

Even handsome, muscular professional swimmers get into trouble. In particular, this athlete was a bit unlucky. He just jumped wrong and instead of diving spectacularly, he hit the board with his heel. Oh, it must have hurt... It happens...

2. Not what He expected.jpg?format=webp@China bubble bursting?/linkedin.com

A clever photographer captured the moment and didn't forget to post it online. This is an opportunity not only for users to enjoy themselves, but also for the swimmer to look at himself from the outside and also to relax a bit and laugh at yourself.

3. Not a Moment to Pose for the Camera

Being a rugby player is not easy. Deftly running with the ball and being fast is the main task. It seems this professional succeeds and there are no questions to him. But his facial expression when he falls is worth a lot.

3. Not a Moment to Pose for the Camera.jpg?format=webp@Rugby World Magazine/facebook.com

He's just too passionate about his life's work to control his emotions. And that's quite normal, because sports require a lot of effort and endurance, and it's not easy to think about how photogenic you are. So, we laughed and that was that.

4. Israel Folau is Picked Up by George North

In 2013, The British and Irish Lions fought a fierce war of attrition in a close second match. The game will always be remembered for the unforgettable sight of Welshman George North carrying his opposite Israel Folau several yards down the pitch, even though Australia ended up winning by a single point. Folau found the humor in it too.

4. Israel Folau is Picked Up by George North.jpg?format=webp@Rugby World Magazine/facebook.com

This brilliant historical photo has traveled the world and literally become a legend. It looks like his opponent is laughing and at that moment he only imagines how it looks from the outside. Sport is not only about hard work but also about a bit of healthy humor, which often saves you in a given situation.

5. “Happy Gilmore"

Watching Boo Weekley tee off and then strut about the course like "Happy Gilmore" seemed appropriate, since he's the golfer who sounds the most like a rodeo star. Weekley's joy at the end of the 2008 season was well-founded since the US team won that particular day. After the kick that won the game, Wickley allowed himself to get away. He ran around the field so funny; it was like he was in a comedy movie.

5. “Happy Gilmore@Golf Magazine Australia/facebook.com

He looked as if he had just conquered a rodeo - he was so natural and confident. The photographers who filmed the game captured this moment, creating a photo that became a symbol not only of the U.S. team's victory but also of Boo Weekley's personal triumph.

6. The Fans are Ready

This game will live on in the memories of the supporters. At one point, Dallas Mavericks player J.J. Barea couldn't help but land in the first two rows in pursuit of the ball. It happened in the first half of an NBA basketball game against the Orlando Magic in Dallas. The paparazzi managed to catch him falling with their cameras. The emotions of the people in the stands were unsurpassed.

6. The Fans are Ready.jpg?format=webp@32 Funny Photos To Enjoy This Weekend/ebaumsworld.com

Of course, they are! It's not every day that players fly into them. We hope no one was hurt and everyone had a good laugh at the situation, which no one could have foreseen, not even J.J. Barea himself. In any case, the photo turned out to be a great one. Thanks to the photographers for sharing it with us, we definitely could not ignore it.

7. A Kiss with "The Horse", Would you Dare?

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to kiss a real stallion, ask this lady. Her kiss with the horse-headed animator looks very hot. This photo is worthy of becoming a meme and spreading around the web, why not? It might even be mistaken for Photoshop at first, but it's real.

7. A Kiss with @Here’s a woman kissing a horse mask at the Spain-Italy match/sg.news.yahoo.com

It's a story that shows how unexpected events can quickly become popular and inspire laughter and discussion. This is another example of how important it is not to be afraid to be yourself and sometimes do things that go beyond the usual framework. The main thing is to keep a healthy sense of humor.

8. Fatigue or Just Going Crazy?

When football players experience a whole range of emotions after a match or even during a game, they start to waste time. This young player of the soccer team showed his tongue to the camera. And we don't blame him, because, at the same time, he made us smile and relieved the tension of the game.

8. Fatigue or Just Going Crazy.jpg?format=webp@Inter Milan reach agreement to sign Man United striker Romelu Lukaku/sport360.com

Because even though football is a pretty serious game on a global scale, you shouldn't be too concerned about the game. You need to relax a bit and sometimes forgive your favorite team for losing because they are the same people who also make mistakes and sometimes get tired.

9. With a Smile to Victory

This photo of a smiling Usain Bolt running forward to win the men's 100-meter semifinals at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics was one of the most favorite photos of the year according to Reuters' Instagram. The runner looks like he is laughing and can already smell his victory in the air.

9. With a Smile to Victory.jpg?format=webp@Lightning strikes again as Bolt cruises to another gold/olympics.com

The athlete's smile turned out to be bright and clear, becoming a symbol of victory. We can only envy the photographer because he managed to make not just a beautiful and funny shot. He captured a perfect 100-meter record, which brought the champion a well-deserved gold medal.

10. The Battlefield Skillfully Turned into a Comedy Stage

During the second half of the match between the Detroit Lions and the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, a situation occurred that turned out to be quite funny. Detroit Lions forward Ameer Abdullah and New Orleans Saints defender Cameron Jordan inadvertently attracted the attention of all the players, referees, and spectators during their fight.

10. The Battlefield Skillfully Turned into a Comedy Stage.jpg?format=webp@Scott Bischoff/nytimes.com

Abdullah, making every effort to gain an advantage in the situation, was caught on camera stretching his opponent's shirt. What can't you do to win your team, right? In the end, we got a very funny photo that captured a funny episode that showed not only the intensity of the competition but also the light mood and humor between the players.

11. "Pregnancy" on the Football Field

Footballers rejoice in a special way when they win or score a goal. Costa Rica's Joel Campbell showed his emotions in a funny way when he scored a goal against Uruguay during a Group D match at the 2014 FIFA World Cup at the Castelao Stadium in Fortaleza.

11.  @Costa Rica's Campbell can go all the way to the top/nz.news.yahoo.com

The player put the ball under his shirt as if he was pregnant and carrying a child under his heart. This humorous celebration not only showed his happiness but also added a lighthearted and memorable moment to the match. Sincerity during a match is worth a lot, and the fans notice it.

12. Extraordinary Duel between Ahmed El Mohamady and Luke Shaw

Footballers do not come up with anything when a victory in an important match is at stake. It's not known how it happened, but during a Premier League soccer match at the KC Stadium in Hull, northern England, one of the players Luke Shaw knocked his opponent Ahmed El Mohamady down and crawled under him as if to knock him over.

12. Extraordinary Duel between Ahmed El Mohamady and Luke Shaw.jpg?format=webp@30 Best Funny Moments in Sports; Check Out Photos/news18.com

The audience laughed for a long time at this scene, because it resembled a comedy or a wrestling match. It's a testament to the fact that football is often so unpredictable that it leaves in the memory not only goals scored or not scored but also many funny moments that are fun to recall later.

13. On Style

On one of the evenings at the Smoothie King Center, where the NBA All-Star Game was held, Phoenix Suns forward Derrick Jones Jr. organized an incredible spectacle for the fans. He performed in a slam dunk contest and organized a bunch of bright moments, but one of them was especially memorable for its comedy.

13. On Style.jpg?format=webp@Bob Donnan/Reuters.com

Thanks to his athleticism, Jones is known for making very cool dunks and decided to up the ante. He didn't just throw the ball into the basket in the usual way, he did it through his teammates. It was a truly bold and ambitious idea. However, the process itself caused laughter and applause at the same time.

14. Challenge at the Stade de France

A very funny and curious situation occurred at the Stade de France stadium in Saint-Denis, near Paris, during a friendly football match between the national teams of France and Portugal. French striker Karim Benzema and Portuguese defender Bruno Alves were in the spotlight because of the game and an episode that happened to them.

14. Challenge at the Stade de France.jpg?format=webp@French Soccer Superstar Jailed Over Alleged Blackmail Sex Tape Cbs News 56090/hotzxgirl.com

The photo shows Bruno Alves kicking Benzema in the fifth point. The forward did not expect this and lost his balance, while the ball flew off to the side. Everyone was laughing - players and spectators alike. This helped to ease the tension and added a friendly atmosphere to the match.

15. Almost Left without the Underwear

Rugby is a very emotional game. It's a very emotional game. For example, once Rory Best from Ireland almost lost his shorts to Teddy Thomas from France. It happened during a joint Six Nations Rugby Union match at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin. That's when you need to win at all costs.

15. Almost Left without the Underwear.jpg?format=webp@Cathal McNaughton/Reuters.com

Fortunately for Thomas, his shorts withstood this unexpected attack. Such a case is a vivid example of when emotions take over during a passionate game. Sometimes they are regarded as something of a gamble, sometimes as a gross violation of the rules set by the judges.

16. An Incredible Tackle that Alerted the Audience

During a game at Ford Field, Antonio Brown failed to slow down when his opponent, a cornerback for the Detroit Lions, fell. As a result, the former flipped over his opponent, somersaulting. The fans held their breath: it looked both funny and scary at the same time.

16. An Incredible Tackle that Alerted the Audience.jpg?format=webp@Tim Fuller/Reuters.com

Fortunately, no one was hurt - helmets in American football save lives. But in the photo, the situation looks comical, as if the athlete was just hanging upside down in the air. Photographers should take pictures often to avoid missing such interesting moments.

17. The Joy of Victory is Like that of Children

Grown men rejoice in victory just like children. They fool around and have fun, and we can understand them, because who among us is not familiar with such emotions? Juventus' Carlos Tevez celebrates with his teammate Andrea Pirlo after scoring a goal against Torino during the Italian Serie A soccer match at the Juventus Stadium in Turin.

17. The Joy of Victory is Like that of Children.jpg?format=webp@CARLOS TEVEZ BECOMES 'WORLD'S HIGHEST PAID PLAYER' IN CHINA MOVE/eurosport.com

He is grimacing like a schoolboy, not caring what others think of him. This episode was immediately picked up by cameras and fans. Tevez became the hero of the meme, and his sincere joy of victory made others smile. Emotions are what make us human. No matter how old you are or what you do, the joy of victory will always be sincere.

18. The Magic of Football and Optics

Oh, and this optical illusion! When a photographer has an artistic approach to shooting, it's masterpieces like this that come out in the photo. West Bromwich Albion's Saido Berahino and Manchester City's Fernandinho during the English Premier League match at the Globe Stadium in West Bromwich. They stand behind each other and raise their hands.

18. The Magic of Football and Optics.jpg?format=webp@Funny Sports Photos You Can't Help But Laugh At/piximus.net

This is not photoshopped, but a skillful use of angle and lighting. The players' hands are joined in such a way that they create the illusion of a single body. This effect indicates the dynamics during the competition for the ball. On the one hand, it's just a fun shot that makes you smile. On the other hand, it is a reminder that football is a game full of surprises. 

19. Trump Effect

At the Arena Mexico American wrestler Sam Polinsky made an unforgettable performance that became a cause for jokes and laughter. As he entered the ring, Polinsky waved a large US flag with a photo of ex-President Donald Trump on it. But the funniest moment was yet to come when photographers caught an unpredictable angle that gave rise to the hilarious "Trump Effect."

19. Trump Effect.jpg?format=webp@In Mexico, pro wrestler enjoys drawing boos with Donald Trump flag/toronto.ctvnews.ca

At this moment, when Polinsky held the flag high above his head, the camera caught the moment when Trump's face on the flag perfectly overlapped with the wrestler's head. In the picture, it looked as if Sam Polinsky had Donald Trump's head. This unexpected combination caused a real sensation among viewers and online, where the image quickly went viral.

20. Curiosity During the Match

In football, everything looks fast and professional. Despite their attentiveness, spectators do not always have time to catch interesting moments. But this is not the case with professional paparazzi. It is very difficult to hide something interesting from them. That's how we get funny photos with ambiguous moments.

20. Curiosity During the Match.jpg?format=webp@30 Best Funny Moments in Sports; Check Out Photos/news18.com

Cassio Ramos, the goalkeeper of Brazilian Corinthians, "kissed" his opponent's sole while fighting for the ball with Leandro Benegas of the University of Chile during the Copa Sudamericana soccer match in Santiago. In the picture, it appears that way, at least. In a fast-paced game, it's hard to see such a moment.

21. Surreal Gymnastics that Impresses

In the rhythmic gymnastics all-around final at the London Olympics, Marcelo Del Pozo captured this surreal moment in the middle of a training session. The photo really turned out to be famous. He photographed a gymnast who, due to the angle, has a balloon instead of a head.

21. Surreal Gymnastics that Impresses.jpg?format=webp@Marcelo Del Pozo/Reuters.com

This surreal image is surprising and shocking at the same time. It seems to emphasize the complexity and perfection of the gymnast's movements and also emphasizes her desire for perfection. The ball instead of a head is not just an optical illusion, it is a symbol of a person's unity with sport, with their goals and dreams.

22. When the Horse is Synchronized with the Rider

Whose horse is winning? Is it the one without a rider? Of course not. It's just that the photographer managed to make a unique shot and catch the moment when the horse's head overlaps the jockey's head in the frame. In the photo, the horse is racing at full speed, overcoming one obstacle after another.

22. When the Horse is Synchronized with the Rider.jpg?format=webp@Caren Firouz/Reuters.com

The animal threw its head up while the jockey bent over. This gives the impression that the rider's head is merged with the horse. In equestrian sports, it is important to move in synchronization, which allows the jockey to control and feel the animal. 

23. Perfect Dive with a Funny Face

Hu Jia, a Chinese diver, competed in the Sydney Summer Olympics in 2000, landing her dive in perfect position. He did everything quite skillfully and correctly, winning his high honors deservedly. However, the audience paid attention not only to his professional skills.

23. Perfect Dive with a Funny Face.jpg?format=webp@Yannis Behrakis/Reuters.com

However, he is remembered not only for his professionalism but also for his funny expression. As he flew past the cameras, his face was distorted with a grimace that simultaneously expressed concentration, effort, and a bit of surprise.

24. Sports, Laughter, and Self-Irony

The funniest photos often happen during falls. Of course, if you think about it, it's not fun at all and often painful for the athletes themselves. But fortunately, they don't always get injured and continue their performance. Figure skating is one such sport.

24. Sports, Laughter, and Self-Irony.jpg?format=webp@Falls & Fails in Figure Skating ⛸️| Pairs & Ice Dance/BB Trend Sports

In 2017, while competing at the World Championships, French figure skater Vanessa James fell on the ice. The fall's moment was captured on camera. The photo turned out to be interesting and funny. Luckily, the athlete was not injured, and then she was able to look at everything from the outside thanks to these shots.

25. How Vertonghen Undressed Helenius

In soccer, the fight for the ball is sometimes as fierce as the fight for the heart of a beloved girl. Thus, don't be shocked if you come across something similar. Villans forward Nicklas Helenius was going one-on-one with the Tottenham goalkeeper.

25. How Vertonghen Undressed Helenius.jpg?format=webp@433/facebook.com

But at the last moment, spurs defender Jan Vertonghen simply pulled the Dane's shorts off. As a result, it was very difficult for him to hit the opponent's goal. But we got this great shot. Helenius' fans enjoyed it the most. It's not every day you see your favorite football player in his underwear.

26. What Would You Do if You Won?

If you're a ski athlete, you have to go through a lot of preparation for a competition, especially when your goal is to win. But we are all human and we also want to relax, the main thing is to choose the right moment.

26. What Would You Do if You Won.jpg?format=webp@Nithin/sportsplus.app

Italian Christof Innerhofer, who took third place in the Olympic competition, did a flip on the podium. It was here and now that he decided to finally relax, which delighted not only the fans but also his rivals, who took the other two podium places.

27. Sport as a School of Life

A pair fell at the World Championships, what could be sadder for figure skaters? But in every situation, you can find comfort. If you look at the situation with humor and then look at the photo of your funny fall, you will feel better, because you need to be able to lose too.

27. Sport as a School of Life.jpg?format=webp@Eric Gailliard/Reuters.com

Sport is both tears and laughter. So, it's better to toughen yourself up and look forward with optimism. It's about emotions, about human capabilities, about the fact that even very serious competitions can make you laugh. Sometimes athletes face falls, mistakes, and failures. Even though it could hurt, you shouldn't give up.

28. The Photo is Funnier, but the Situation is not so Much

Horses often throw off jockeys when they don't like something. This athlete was not very lucky with this either. The moment of his fall was caught on camera. The rider seemed to fly up a mountain, but despite everything, he managed to tame the wayward horse in a few minutes and saddle it again.

28. The Photo is Funnier, but the Situation is not so Much.jpg?format=webp@A look at the best news photos from around the world/voanews.com

This photo will become a special memory of that day for the athlete. In addition, he will be able to look at himself from the outside. After all, not everyone can see the fall recorded in the photo, which later became a lesson and eventually brought victory.

29. A Fan did not Expect This

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships, traditionally characterized by an atmosphere of prestige and intense sporting competition, once had a memorable incident. During a tense match between the French tennis player Michael Llodra and the German Tommy Haas, an event occurred that caused laughter and surprise among the audience. 

29. A Fan did not Expect This.jpg?format=webp@Wimbledon: Ballgirl Erin takes to Court One after star's injury/mirror.co.uk

At one point, the French tennis player dropped the ball on a girl during a match against German Tommy Haas at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London. She definitely did not expect to see her idol so close. So, at that moment, she probably had mixed feelings.

30. Figure Skater Conquers the Ice with Her Fall

It seems that this fall of the figure skater made not only the audience laugh. The girl slipped badly and failed to keep her cherished advantage on the ice, and then fell. She was falling so hard that she lifted her legs up. It was very funny. Because who hasn't laughed at their own falls sometimes.

30. Figure Skater Conquers the Ice with Her Fall.jpg?format=webp@Brindille_/x.com

Figure skating is an art form in addition to a sport. It can sometimes surprise not only with its skill but also with unexpected turns. And although the skater's fall ultimately upset her, it gave the audience a positive charge and reminded them not to take themselves too seriously. Because even the most unpleasant situations can be made into something funny.

31. The Sand That Pulls Back

Spectators, fans, sports commentators, and judges are all watching the athletes closely during the competition. But none of them are as attentive as photographers. It is thanks to their pictures that we get a variety of shots. The photo is of Phillips Idowu, a British jumper. He seems to be frozen in the air.

31. The Sand That Pulls Back.jpg?format=webp@Outside the box/facebook.com

The sand that literally comes off his feet is frozen in the frame in a funny way. That time, the athlete did not win, perhaps because of the sand that was pulling him back. These are the thoughts that come to mind when you look at such photographs.

32. How to Stop Your Opponent

Thiago Alcantara found the only way to stop Erling Haaland from advancing and scoring the famous goal. I'm sure you can guess what it was by looking at the photo. Alcantara charged between the legs of his opponent. And it was very cruel and unexpected.

32. How to Stop Your Opponent.jpg?format=webp@modap_/x.com

Thiago Alcantara is a midfielder with a lot of experience. He knows that sometimes a very cunning tactical plan is needed to stop such an opponent. That's why at a critical moment in the game, when Haaland was preparing for another rush to the goal, Thiago resorted to extreme measures.

33. Sporty Kiss with Zeal

A very funny accidental photo. It happens all the time in basketball, and it's not surprising, because the game is at stake. One of the paparazzi managed to take a very original photo that can hardly be found anywhere else. In the photo, one basketball player hugs his opponent and kisses him on the temple, closing his eyes.

33. Sporty Kiss with Zeal.jpg?format=webp@Brooklyn Nets sign Alan Anderson/usatoday.com

Most likely, he was just trying to block his way and prevent him from throwing the ball into the basket, and during the struggle, he accidentally pressed his lips to his face. Whatever the case, it was very funny. Things happen in sports, you just have to catch the moment.

34. Famous Footballer Cries...

Yes, yes, David Beckham is crying like a little child here. You feel sorry for him, and you can hardly hold back a smile. Why is he so sad, you may ask? It's just that on June 1, 2007, he missed a free kick and hit the goalpost during an exhibition match against Brazil at Wembley Stadium, so how can you not cry?

34. Famous Footballer Cries.jpg?format=webp@Footballers also cry/footballtop.com

David Beckham, the legend of world football, has always been known for his super skill at taking free kicks. He knows how to spin the ball precisely, sending it into an irreversible trajectory. This has always been admired by fans around the world. However, even the best players sometimes make mistakes and fail, and this match was exactly that for Beckham.

35. Dinara Safina at the Epicenter of Attention

Tennis is a famous sport not only for its very dramatic moments of play but also for the expressions on the faces that are captured. Dinara Safina has become famous not only for her sporting achievements but also for these funny photos, in which she often hits the ball to her opponent with great concentration.

35. Dinara Safina at the Epicenter of Attention.jpg?format=webp@Rostros capturados en el tennis/denunciando.com

In one of these photos, Safina has really tightened all the muscles in her face. It was as if she had gathered all her efforts together and embodied at that moment all the tension of the game and the intensity of the match. No wonder tennis is also a psychological test, not just physical endurance.

36. Optical Illusion or Reality?

At first glance, it looks like the referee is giving Modric the middle finger, but a closer look at the photo reveals this is an optical illusion. The referee was probably just gesturing or pointing at something. This accidental moment was caught on camera, creating a strange situation in which his gesture turned out to be ambiguous.

36. Optical Illusion or Reality.jpg?format=webp@Modric Madrid Bound?/weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com

It is worth noting that football referees are professionals who, despite the intensity of the match, must remain objective and refrain from provocative behavior on the field. Demonstrating obscene gestures towards football players is not only unprofessional but also contrary to the spirit of sport and the code of ethics.

37. Awkward Angle

Sometimes the paparazzi act like crazy people. They take pictures of everything and from completely different angles. But this time, they were the ones who became the "victims" of a wise fellow photographer. He captured the moment when all the paparazzi gathered with their cameras around Croatian sportswoman Blanka Vlasic, who bent down to fix her shoes.

37. Awkward Angle.jpg?format=webp@gaugegrayette/reddit.com

They were actively taking pictures of her heel, which was hardly important for a sports photojournalist's story. But they were beaten to it by their colleague, who managed to find the right angle so the other photographers could look at themselves from the side.

38. Is It Possible to Throw the Shot More Effectively While Grimacing?

It turns out that you can throw the shot put with any expression on your face, and it's not forbidden by the rules. This allows athletes to freely express their emotions, which sometimes leads to funny and unforgettable moments captured in photos. In such pictures, you can see the entire palette of human emotions - from tension and concentration to joy and desperate screaming.

38. Is It Possible to Throw the Shot More Effectively While Grimacing.jpg?format=webp@DerpSports/x.com

One of these funny moments was when an athlete, preparing to throw, stuck out his tongue and with a desperate shout threw the ball as far as possible. This shot captured the essence of the efforts and emotions that go into this sport. Shot put is not just a technical discipline, it is also a significant physical challenge that requires maximum concentration and the use of all body strength.

39. He Kissed His in the “Right” Place

This is baseball, baby. You can fall any way you want. Jonathan Villar of the Houston Astros was unlucky once. He slipped on second base and found himself face-to-face with Cincinnati Reds infielder Brandon Phillips. It was a very awkward moment.

39. He Kissed His in the “Right” Place.jpg?format=webp@VIDEO: Slide Into Second Ends With Face Firmly In Butt/npr.org

Jonathan almost kissed his opponent in the same cherished place. However, Phillips did not lose his cool and calmly stretched his hand between his legs to indicate Villar. Sport is not only about rivalry but also about mutual assistance.

40. Refreshing Ritual and Funny Moments

In boxing, there is a practice of sprinkling water on boxers to freshen them up during a competition. Thanks to this, photographers catch funny grimaces of athletes. This is what happened to Chinese boxer Zhao Minggang. During one of the fights, his team splashed him with water.

40. Refreshing Ritual and Funny Moments.jpg?format=webp@Best Rio 2016 Olympic faces: The agony and the ecstasy and the wtf?/ibtimes.co.uk

At that moment, the paparazzi managed to capture an amazing grimace on his face. The water flying in all directions, mixed with his expression of concentration and fatigue, created a unique shot. It turned out to be very epic and playful.

41. Humor Before the Race

If you haven't seen the swimmers preparing for the competition yet, pay attention to the grimace on Kosuke Hagino's face. At this moment, he is preparing for the men's freestyle semifinal. He must be so overwhelmed with emotion that he can't contain it.

41. Humor Before the Race.jpg?format=webp@A different view of the Games/correspondent.afp.com

The swimmer opens his mouth wide and pulls on his swim cap. At this moment, he looks very unusual. Not only stand-ups can be funny, but ordinary athletes can be funny too, despite the seriousness of the competition. In sports, setup is also very important.

42. A Little Bit Wrong

What do you think is happening in this photo? Is this another kiss on the soft spot? Definitely not by choice, but this moment relieved all the tension and made the audience laugh out loud. In fact, here is Brazilian rugby player Andre Nascimento attacking Kisi Keomaka Unufe of the United States.

42. A Little Bit Wrong.jpg?format=webp@rehepapp/steemit.com

However, he can't stay on his feet and falls, grabbing his opponent's leg. Perhaps he was planning to take him down in this way. It looked like he was digging a hole for someone and fell into it. But thanks to this curiosity, we created a great sports meme that went viral on the Internet.

43. A Great Way to Motivate

An interesting moment caught on the web: a cyclist snatched a dollar from a girl's back pocket with his teeth during the ride. This unexpected and almost circus-like stunt was instantly captured by photographers and other participants. On the one hand, it looked like motivation - like "earn your prize" - and on the other hand, it looked like a friendly joke.

43. A Great Way to Motivate.jpg?format=webp@It's hard out there for a cyclist/imgur.com

In such competitions, where tension and competition are high, humor and unexpected moments can be a great way to relieve stress. Such a gesture can also encourage other participants and remind them of the importance of staying positive and cheerful, even when the stakes are high.

44. Women's Rivalry is not just a Thing

Women's wrestling is much more active and fiercer than men's wrestling, and this photo is clear proof of that. Venezuela's Marioli Gomez tries to beat Victoria Rios of Uruguay during the International Women's Rugby Sevens Tournament. Of course, she did not neglect even the forbidden methods.

44. Women's Rivalry is not just a Thing.jpg?format=webp@bbcnews/instagram.com

Maryoly Gamez decided to grab her opponent with her long braid during her fall. Perhaps, after such a dishonest move, the player will decide to clean up her luxurious hair as much as possible, or even change her hairstyle altogether.

45. Sports Emotions are Our Everything

While it is easier to deal with them in public in everyday life, athletes don't even try to hide them during competitions. We understand them, because when emotions run high, they are not easy to control, especially when it comes to losing.

45. Sports Emotions are Our Everything.jpg?format=webp@Did You See That?/si.com

In the photo, Italian Fabio Fognini bites his racket during the final in Buenos Aires because he realizes that he is not in danger of winning. However, this ritual still didn't help him, although it was hardly the racket's fault. It was just that it was at hand.

46. A Photo That Could Become a Legend

This is an amazing photo of an arbitration judge who was caught under a horse and its rider when they jumped up. Fortunately, everyone was safe and no one was hurt. But the photo is still impressive and makes you hold your breath. It everything transpired in a couple of seconds.

46. A Photo that Could Become a Legend.jpg?format=webp@semiconductor101/reddit.com

However, thanks to a skillful photographer, we were able to see this fantastic and at the same time dangerous stunt. As you know, the horse finished seventh, which is also a good result, but this photo deserves a higher award and it's hard to disagree.

47. Spit on Luck

Athletes around the world enjoy superstitions and rituals that they believe bring good luck or help them achieve better results. However, not all strange moments that can be seen in sports arenas are related to superstition. Many things are simply explained.

47. Spit on Luck.jpg?format=webp@Gallery 2014/wrestling.com.ua

In a photo that has become famous in sports circles, a coach spits water behind his player's back. This may look like some ancient sign or superstitious ritual, but it is actually a practical way to refresh an athlete. Cooling with water helps to quickly reduce the temperature and return the body to a more comfortable state.

48. Water is not Flowing as Intended

The cyclist in the yellow suit was so engrossed in his race that he didn't notice that he had picked up his water bottle upside down. He may have even thought he was drinking water for a while as the water spilled onto the road. When you are very passionate about something, you may not notice the obvious.

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What can you do, sport requires sacrifice and a lot of effort. So sometimes there is compensation and athletes simply forget about some things or simply do not pay attention. But such little things can be forgiven, thanks to their merits in sports.

49. Being a Referee is Hard

If you thought being a boxing referee was easy, just take a look at this photo. Referee Howard Foster is literally caught between the punches of heavyweights Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte. This is not something he had prepared for in his career, because his function in these competitions is completely different.

49. Being a Referee is Hard.jpg?format=webp@BBCSport/x.com

But there are many embarrassments in sports: sometimes the audience gets it, sometimes the judges do. This is also a part of life that the whole world is watching, and even more so, they are fans and favor their favorites, and sometimes it can be the referee.

50. Inside Out

When you watch a bunch of different videos and photos from sporting events, it seems like you've seen it all and it's too hard to impress. But as it turns out, there is plenty to impress, and we're not kidding. Just look at this amazing picture.

50. Inside Out.jpg?format=webp@Anadyne/reddit.com

Swiss gymnast Ilaria Kaeslin jumps from the uneven bars during the competition at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Nanning, China. Just look at the way she managed to twist her legs. It's a masterpiece and fantastic. I think she deserves the highest honor for this skill.