Beauty Knows No Boundaries: Startling Beauty Traditions Worldwide

31 Oct 2023

It turns out that beauty standards can be far from what people in a specific country are accustomed to. The world is full of shocking things that may appear horrifying to some but are perfectly beautiful to others!

Stretched Earlobes, Africa

Stretching or elongating earlobes is a cultural and traditional practice found in various African and other indigenous cultures. There ear stretching is seen as a rite of passage, a sign of tribal or cultural affiliation, or a symbol of social status. Different sizes and shapes of earlobe piercings or plugs can convey specific societal meanings.

Stretched Earlobes – Africa.jpg?format=webp@AsterismRaptor/

Nose Plug, India

While some Indian women with their femininity and are envied by girls from other countries for their long, dark hair, others astonish with unique accessories. For instance, in the Indian Apatani tribe, women wear enormous nose plugs. This is considered very beautiful by them, but it may seem intimidating to people from other countries.

Nose Plug – India.jpg?format=webp@Dhorlin/

Lotus Feet, China

Tiny feet are highly prized in China and are considered very seductive. Lotus feet are achieved through a painful footbinding procedure. All toes except the big one were tightly pressed against the sole. Then the arch of the foot was wrapped along its length to bend it into an arched shape. Footwear was changed regularly, each time smaller than the previous pair.

Lotus Feet – China.jpg?format=webp@monsieuruntitled/

Crooked Teeth, Japan

While in most parts of the world, people dream of perfectly straight teeth, in Japan, crooked teeth are considered fashionable! Sharp and protruding upper fangs are trendy there. According to the Japanese, such teeth give girls a resemblance to cats, thereby adding femininity and a unique charm.

Crooked Teeth – Japan.jpg?format=webp

Body scarification in West Africa

It's hard to believe, but the residents of New Guinea and some African tribes consider scars a symbol of beauty. People in West Africa believe that with scars on their bodies, a man appears stronger and more masculine. Interestingly, these scars are not obtained in battle but are the result of scarification procedures.

Body scarification – West Africa.jpg?format=webp

Thin noses, Iran

A straight, slender nose is the dream of almost every resident of Iran! However, getting your dream nose is expensive, so some who can't afford it simply apply a bandage to their nose to create the appearance of someone who just came from a plastic surgeon, giving the illusion of being well-off.

Thin noses – Iran.jpg?format=webp@Suicidalpersian/

Extra Weight, Mauritania

While in some parts of the world, women exhaust themselves with strict diets to avoid having a single extra kilogram, in Mauritania, it's quite the opposite. There, women with extra weight are in vogue, which is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. No one would marry a slender woman.

Extra Weight – Mauritania.jpg?format=webp@Nicasucio/

Bigger Noses, Afghanistan

Small, feminine noses are not a universal symbol of beauty. Surprisingly, in Afghanistan, a larger nose is considered beautiful, and some girls even go to the extent of getting plastic surgery to increase the size of their noses. It's amazing how beauty standards can vary so widely in different countries.

Bigger Noses – Afghanistan.jpg?format=webp@Amazing Nose Job Transformation! #shorts/Doctor Youn/

Long Necks, Burma

In Eastern Burma, a long neck is considered a symbol of beauty and prosperity. In pursuit of an elongated neck, women in this region undergo long trials. Starting at around the age of five, women wear copper rings around their necks, gradually increasing the number of rings to elongate their necks.

Long Necks – Burma.jpg?format=webp

Unibrows, Tajikistan

It's amazing, but for the women of Tajikistan, a natural unibrow is considered a traditional symbol of beauty. Tajik girls with naturally thin eyebrows use usma, a plant that stimulates hair growth, to address this issue. Moreover, some girls even darken the space between their eyebrows!

Unibrows – Tajikistan.jpg?format=webp@StupidQuestionsRedux/

Gold teeth in Tibet

In Tibet, it is believed that gold should be worn not only on the fingers or around the neck. For Tibetans, gold teeth are a symbol of beauty and prosperity. They particularly often place gold crowns on the second upper incisors. It may look a bit unusual, but what matters most is that Tibetans like it.

Gold teeth – Tibet.jpg?format=webp

Big Belly, Ethiopia

To be considered handsome in Ethiopia, you don't need to work on your abs; quite the opposite, you need to grow a massive belly! Men there achieve this by eating a lot and avoiding sports. They even organize unique beauty contests where they award the man with the largest belly.

Big Belly – Ethiopia.jpg?format=webp@Holiday Of The Fat Mens | Bodi Tribes Kael Ceremony/ Deepak Aapat/

Armpit Hair, France

While in some countries, girls cannot afford to leave home without hair removal, in France, you can encounter a large number of girls who are not embarrassed by excessive body hair. Many of them believe that naturalness is always in style and that there is nothing wrong with hair, for example, under the armpits.

Armpit Hair – France.jpg?format=webp@armpit hair on women is NATURAL/Fenella Fox/

Androgynous Male Style, South Korea

"Kkonminam" is the term used for men in South Korea who strive to look as feminine as possible. They completely shave their faces, grow out their hair, and even apply makeup! And, of course, they are often seen at cosmetic clinics.

Androgynous Male Style – South Korea.jpg?format=webp@Korean boy makeup tutorials 🔥#shorts #makeup #koreanboy🇰🇷/ ✨MAKEUP TUTORIALS✨/

High Forehead, Africa

We believe you've already noticed that some of the most unusual beauty standards exist among African tribes. Among women of the Fulani tribe, a high forehead is considered a beauty standard. Moreover, to visually create it, some women even remove part of the hair from their heads.

High Forehead – Africa.jpg?format=webp@GaGator43/

Red Skin, Africa

While in some countries people strive for fair skin, in Namibia, there is a tribe called the Himba, whose members are quite fond of red skin! To achieve this unique skin tone, they mix fat with red ochre and then apply the resulting mixture to their faces and bodies. Looks unusual!

Red Skin – Africa.jpg?format=webp

Hair of deceased ancestors, China

The Chinese Miao tribe has a long-standing tradition of wearing the hair of their deceased ancestors. In their culture, hair symbolizes both beauty and the veneration of their lineage. Each woman gathers her own hair into a wig, which can be as heavy as 10 kilograms, and later passes it on to her daughter, thus perpetuating the tradition through generations.

Hair of deceased ancestors – China.jpg?format=webp@15 Weirdest Beauty Standards Around The World/itsKEVO/

Jewelry made from trash, Africa

Women of the Dasanech tribe have a unique way of hairstyling. They frequently repurpose regular bottle caps as hair accessories. While bottle caps might be viewed as disposable waste by some, these African women see them as invaluable tools for enhancing their beauty. They affix metal bottle caps to their hair, creating a hairstyle that resembles a wig.

Jewelry made from trash – Africa.jpg?format=webp@DandyBerlin/

Long nails, China

In China, having long nails is a symbol of high social standing, beauty, and affluence. It's a clear indication of a person who doesn't engage in manual labor. Local jewelers have gone so far as to create protective cases to safeguard the valuable long nails of the upper class from any harm. The tradition of growing long nails dates back to the Ming Dynasty.

Long nails – China.jpg?format=webp

Black teeth, Japan

Black teeth were regarded as a beauty symbol among many Japanese people for an extended period. Some geisha still have blackened teeth even today. The traditional method, called 'ohaguro,' involves using a particular dye, which needs to be reapplied either daily or every few days to maintain the black color of the teeth.

Black teeth – Japan.jpg?format=webp@15 Weirdest Beauty Standards Around The World/itsKEVO/

Men's makeup, Africa

Men of the African Wodaabe tribe apply makeup to seek the attention of as many women as possible. Signs of attractiveness for men in this tribe include expressive eyes, long and curved eyelashes, and pearly white teeth. They also use vibrant accessories.

Men's makeup – Africa.jpg?format=webp@15 Weirdest Beauty Standards Around The World/ itsKEVO/

Stretched Lips, Africa

Such unique beauty standards are present within African tribes. The disks used for stretching the skin come in different sizes, and the greater the size of the disk, the higher the girl's status within the community. Naturally, if you remove this disc, there will be stretched skin underneath. Shocking.

Stretched Lips – Africa.jpg?format=webp

Nose Rings, India

Wearing nose rings in India is not just a casual practice. Firstly, it is considered very beautiful, and secondly, nose piercing there symbolizes a high social status. Such an ornament signifies prosperity, good luck, and a flourishing life.

Nose Rings – India.jpg?format=webp

Shaved Heads, Africa

While in many countries, girls dream of luxurious long hair, in some African tribes, such as the Maasai, a shaved head is considered a symbol of beauty. Moreover, it is not only beautiful but also more hygienic, as in hot Africa, long hair quickly becomes dirty.

Shaved Heads – Africa.jpg?format=webp@AsterismRaptor/

Chalk Body Covering, Africa

It seems that the Karo tribe in Ethiopia enjoys standing out from the crowd because they believe in adorning not only the face but also the body. People there consider it beautiful to apply white chalk to the body. They paint various patterns that resemble spider webs. It looks a bit unusual, what do you think?

Chalk Body Covering – Africa.jpg?format=webp@The UNIQUE BODY PAINT of the KARO TRIBE 🏹/Fearless & Far/

Nails without manicure, Spain

For many, Spanish women are associated with vibrant colors and flamboyance, but that's not always the case in reality. It turns out that many Spanish women go without well-groomed nails, at most doing their own manicures at home with clear nail polish. Only for special occasions will Spanish women go for brightly colored nails.

Nails without manicure – Spain.jpg?format=webp

Colored lenses, Asia

In Asia, colored contact lenses are sold on almost every corner. This is because Asians consider them to be one of the trendiest accessories. By the way, they not only like to use lenses that change the eye color but also those that make the pupils look larger, like in anime.

Colored lenses – Asia.jpg?format=webp

Wide eyebrows combed up, Ukraine

Wide eyebrows combed upwards can be easily achieved through a procedure called lamination. This technique helps eyebrows to be easily styled and appear well-groomed. However, when they are excessively combed upwards, it can look a bit strange from the outside and certainly doesn't add elegance to the girls.

Wide eyebrows combed up – Ukraine.jpg?format=webp

No makeup, UK

Even if you look at Kate Middleton, you can conclude that British women love natural beauty. However, while Kate, as a representative of the royal family, still has to wear at least minimal makeup, many British women go out without a gram of cosmetics. Naturalness and innate beauty are in vogue there.

No makeup – UK.jpg?format=webp

Snow-white skin, China

Fair skin is the dream of every Chinese woman. It's not surprising that Chinese women often use umbrellas and even wear gloves during the summer to prevent any part of their skin from tanning. This trend has historical roots, as in the past, skin color in China was directly linked to social class. Tanned skin was associated with poverty, as it was common among those who worked in the fields.

Snow-white skin – China.jpg?format=webp

Very athletic figures, Ukraine

In Ukraine, both girls and boys enjoy taking care of not only their facial beauty but also their physique. That's why there are always many people in gyms who strive to achieve the ideal body shape, which is seen as an indicator of health and determination. In Ukrainian sports clubs, you can choose any fitness direction that suits your preference.

Very athletic figures – Ukraine.jpg?format=webp

Extremely long hair, India

While long hair is considered a symbol of beauty for some women, for women in India, it's also a matter of spirituality. It's astonishing, but in certain sects of Hinduism, hair is grown with a specific purpose. It turns out that later, girls cut their hair and offer it to the temple as a religious offering.

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Breast surgery, USA

Breast augmentation plastic surgeries are popular worldwide, especially in the United States. Interestingly, it was in this country that silicone implants were first invented. Furthermore, the first woman to undergo breast augmentation and receive silicone implants was an American named Timmie Jean Lindsey. This occurred in 1962.

Breast surgery – USA.jpg?format=webp

Jawplasty, Korea

Korean women go beyond modifying isolated facial features; they undergo total facial transformations, including jawline surgery. Their commitment to facial changes is so intense that they sometimes struggle with solid foods and opt for liquid diets instead.

Jawplasty – Korea.jpg?format=webp@Pics/

Eyelash extensions, Ukraine

It's no secret that Ukrainian women love taking care of themselves and always looking perfect. That's why the procedure of eyelash extensions is very popular among Ukrainian girls. Many of them prefer not to go for a natural look but opt for voluminous eyelash extensions, where the technician attaches 3 or more artificial lashes to a single natural one.

Eyelash extensions – Ukraine.jpg?format=webp

Big butts, USA

While in one part of the world, girls chase after thinness, in the United States, seductive figures are considered more attractive. For instance, large buttocks, like those of Kim Kardashian, are considered attractive there. Many even seek the assistance of plastic surgeons to achieve their dream buttocks.

Big butts - USA.jpg?format=webp

Henna tattoo, India

Henna tattoos are popular in many countries in Asia and Africa, but this art originated in India. There, it's not just a form of decoration but a special wedding ritual that provides protection to the future bride and groom from ill-wishers. An interesting fact is that as long as the henna on the bride's skin has not faded, she is not obliged to do household chores!

Henna tattoo – India.jpg?format=webp

Deep tan, Ukraine

While in some countries, such as the United States, tanning beds are still popular, in Europe, the trend is toward a natural tan. Ukrainian women, in particular, enjoy sunbathing, with many of them not even seeking shade during hot weather to get a deep tan and look alluring.

Deep tan – Ukraine.jpg?format=webp

Big eyes, Japan

In Japan, the desire for big and expressive eyes has been a long-standing beauty trend. The "kawaii" (cute) culture in Japan celebrates youthful and adorable aesthetics. Larger, round eyes are often associated with a cute and innocent look, which is highly desirable in this culture. Japanese women visually enlarge their eyes with the help of makeup and round lenses.

Big eyes – Japan.jpg?format=webp@Korean beauty standards vs me ✨/mochi Chim/

Mustaches and beards, Ukraine

Barber shops are particularly popular in Ukraine, where men get stylish haircuts not only for the head but also for their mustaches and beards. It is believed that the larger the mustache and beard, the more stylish and rugged a man appears. And there may be some truth to that, don't you think?

Mustaches and beard – Ukraine.jpg?format=webp

Heavy eye makeup, Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabian culture, makeup has a long history and is often associated with self-expression and enhancing one's beauty. The use of kohl (a traditional eyeliner) dates back to ancient times in the Arabian Peninsula, and it's a common practice for both aesthetic and cultural reasons.

Heavy eye makeup - Saudi Arabia.jpg?format=webp

Small breasts, Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, where nomadic traditions have a significant influence, the preference for smaller breasts may be tied to the practicality and mobility required by nomadic lifestyles. This is how it happened historically. Smaller breasts may be seen as part of an overall proportionate and attractive physique.

Small breasts – Kazakhstan.jpg?format=webp

Small mouth, Kyrgyzstan

A small mouth, like a thimble, and fair skin are the main symbols of beauty in Kyrgyzstan. Therefore, hardly anyone there pursues full lips and visits tanning salons. Natural beauty is in vogue, and that's something to be celebrated!

Small mouth – Kyrgyzstan.jpg?format=webp

Guitar Shape, Brazil

In Brazil, it's not slender women who are in fashion but those who have curvier figures. Interestingly, it's not necessarily about having a large bust; what's trending are wide hips. They are associated with health and beauty. Additionally, wide hips visually make the waist appear narrower and more alluring.

Guitar Shape – Brazil.jpg?format=webp@Virtual-Pressure-948/

Big lips, Ukraine

In the streets of Ukrainian cities, you can come across a large number of girls with full lips. This is considered a sign of grooming and beauty. However, sometimes girls go overboard and make their lips excessively large, which doesn't look aesthetically pleasing.

Big lips – Ukraine.jpg?format=webp

Hairstyle as an indicator of wealth, Africa

The African Mwila tribe takes hairstyling to a new level because, for them, it's more than just a symbol of beauty. You can determine the status and position of women in this tribe simply by looking at their hair. Women cover their hair with a paste made from oil, tree bark, and... dung! And it's believed that the more dung used, the better!

Hairstyle as an indicator of wealth – Africa.jpg?format=webp

Blonde hair and eyebrows, Iceland

Icelanders have a high percentage of genetic blonde hair and blue eyes. In this context, blonde hair and eyebrows can be seen as a typical and even national feature. Global media trends and the influence of Western culture have also contributed to making blonde hair and eyebrows more popular. 

Blonde hair and eyebrows – Iceland.jpg?format=webp

Freckles, Ireland

For the Irish, freckles are a symbol of naturalness and beauty! There, no one will spend time and money to remove freckles with the help of a cosmetologist or expensive creams. And moreover, freckles are very charming! 

Freckles – Ireland.jpg?format=webp

Cheekbones like Angelina Jolie has, Ukraine

Having cheekbones like Angelina Jolie is the dream of many Ukrainian girls. To create the 'Jolie profile,' girls turn to the services of cosmetologists who perform 'beauty injections,' specifically filling the cheeks with hyaluronic acid to give them volume.

Cheekbones like Angelina Jolie has – Ukraine.jpg?format=webp@elyamamedova777/

Unshaven legs, Germany

An overwhelming majority of women in Germany and Austria, constituting 70% of those surveyed, value natural beauty as a woman's most essential attribute. As a result, they consciously choose not to shave their legs and bikini area, believing that the natural look is far more appealing.

Unshaven legs – Germany.jpg?format=webp